Wednesday, January 16, 2013


A collection of random thoughts on things you should be doing because it's a new year and in the new year we try new things. Or revisit old things. Or just make an effort to not be so completely antisocial. Maybe.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hockey is back!

Aren't you thrilled? I am!

The NHL version of hockey is still stuck in a protracted lockout, which I have my fingers in my ears about because it's otherwise too depressing when they're all "We're thiiiiiiisss close to an agreement! AHAHAH! Just kidding!" As I have actual knowledge of how negotiations should work (thanks, useless law school education!), it's all the more infuriating and I'm like, "COME ON! Get your shit together!"

AHAHA! I should have hit publish on this before 2 a.m. Saturday night, huh? BECAUSE THEY GOT A DEAL DONE! Miracle of miracles! We'll ignore what a posturing clusterfuck the whole thing was and that if you really want a deal done you stop worrying about positioning and show up in July to negotiate saying, "The fans are more important than looking like we "won" the deal" but we'll let that slide for this precise moment because NHL HOCKEY! We're all Stanley Cup contenders right now! Even the Isles! Hope springs eternal! Or until Ovi forgets to go on D and the opposing team makes an early score. HOCKEY! I originally intended to say, before I got a super fun chest cold and this got sidetracked is:

SF went and got itself its very own minor league team with the ECHL Bulls. And they're pretty awesome.