You like cookies? Buy some!

Alright, so, not one to ever toot my own horn, I'm kind of awesome at the cookie making. And as I'm broke, I thought I'd start making cookies for money. I did it for my aunt recently and it kinda rocked as it is something I'm good at, just naturally. My mom's work best friend is imploring me to do this. So if you would like a gallon bag of homemade cookies that you are free to pass off at parties as your own, I am going to be making them.

We're gonna call it $25 a bag plus $5 if you need 'em shipped. Which, for about 40 cookies strikes me as kind of a deal. Plus they're made with love which is important. Besides love we're talking all natural ingredients. No, not locally sourced and all organic but still really good ingredients.

Here are your options:

White chocolate, cranberry, macadamia nut (as half the world has nut allergies now, nuts can be omitted)
Classic chocolate chip (want to add nuts, let me know)
Mint chocolate chip
Mexican Butter Cookies with sprinkles (can be made in team colors because I love you)

Also: I make an insanely good cheesecake. Dense and awesome. Those are $20.

Just email me at or hit the email button on this page, and we'll figure it out. If you're in the city, we can arrange picking up or dropping off goodies and individual packaging for events and such.

I'll update this with pretty pictures and forms and stuff soon but am working on that "get your shit together" thing, which I have dubbed "gyst", this is the start.

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