Tuesday, October 30, 2012

World Series! WOOO!

Oh man. That was fun, huh? Who knew? Who knew the Giants would go and sweep the Tigers? No one in the National Media, that's for damn sure. (East Coast Bias!)

Actually, even I didn't know. In case you haven't caught on to my incredibly pessimistic fandom, every time we were down in any of the series leading up to the world series I'd be like, "Well. This was fun. It's nice to make it to the playoffs but guess this isn't our year. Which is fine because it was our year just two years ago. No big." EXCEPT IT TOTALLY WAS OUR YEAR! AHAHAHAH!

We did it. Swept Detroit. Get to have a giant (heh) victory parade on Halloween. (Are you going to the parade? I'm really torn about this. On the one hand: revelry! On the other: ugggh people. Since I went two years ago thinking, "Once in a lifetime event!" and didn't really see anything, I'm kind of okay with not going tomorrow. But...I have an easily changeable mind.)

Do you know who REALLY won the World Series?

My LSU Tigahs.

That's right. Winning run scored by LSU's own Ryan Theriot. The Ryan Theriot that everyone was like, "What voodoo magic is Bruce Bochy channeling to put him in at DH? That makes, like, exactly zero sense." (Californians say "like" a lot. Even the ones who swear they don't. I say it about a thousand times more than I would like to. And when I try to stop saying it hilarity ensues. It is our weird verbal tick.)

Maybe Boch watched the 2000 College World Series. I know I vividly remember it. I was back in California for the summer, inexplicably at my stepmom's house in San Ramon, aka the pit of despair, watching, as my annoying tween stepsisters ran around the house. I saw we were the home team and thought, "Oh we got this. We have last at-bat." And it was won on a Brad Cresse bloop single in the bottom of the 9th to topple Stanford scoring...Ryan Theriot.

That's LSU's 3rd appearance in the MLB WS in three years. (2010: Wilson, Fontenot; 2011: Theriot; 2012: Theriot, Wilson*)

*Wilson is obviously injured and not on the roster but I think for purposes of receiving a ring and being part of the team, he counts.

LSU has a full rundown of all players involved in World Series, way back to Alvin Dark. (There's a street in Tiger Land (where most of the LSU bars are) named after him. It runs into YA Tittle St.)

Theriot had a great interview after the game on MLB Network (thanks to TK for alerting me to its existence) which was amazing on so many levels, mostly for his son's comments, where he sounded not unlike me, "Oh yeah, World Series. Awesome. Can't wait to be in Baton Rouge for the Bama game Saturday."

It's Bama Hate Week, y'all!

Hate week involves hating everything involved with that team, from their napoleonic head coach (who, yes, I'm aware used to be our head coach) to being the only person in the Cow Palace on Friday night cursing under their breath when that Lynard Skynard song came on singing the praises of that state.

I, of course, don't have much faith in our ability to actually win the game. But the atmosphere alone in Baton Rouge is going to amazing and rocking and it's at night. I mean, Ironman themed pump up video. How badass is that? I'll be watching at my friends' place in Oakland.

So let's celebrate the Giants victory, anxiously eat junk food in anticipation of LSU's kickoff, and revel in how my fandom is good for teams that like winning. Let's hope someday the NHL ends its lockout and I can see how that applies to my hockey team...

Friday, October 26, 2012

Game 7

I bitch a lot about San Francisco. We have a difficult relationship, this city of my birth and I. But sometimes, the stars align and it can be one of the most amazing places in the world. That happened Monday night, as I attended Game 7 of the NLCS between the Giants and the Cardinals.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Lil Wayne & The Riot

Sometimes I'm writing about things I can't believe I'm writing about. But alas. Here we are. Lil Wayne. And me getting cranky about baseball fans. (After watching 60 Minutes on my own, unbidden last night, I channel Andy Rooney below.)

Monday, October 15, 2012

All the Movies

Sundays around here are hungover watch all the Netflix ever days.

After careful analysis, I've discovered that what I really like are what I term "small" movies. Ya know, sort of character driven, two or three main actors, taking the small moments of life and making them grand kind of movies. They tend to be a bit Indie in nature. But they're well made. Generally. They might all be described as "quirky". They're the opposite end of the spectrum from big budget, big action flicks.

So on Sundays, when I don't want to watch things blow up, I gravitate towards these.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Florida, Fleet Week, Failure

LSU lost to Florida after our offense stalled and our defense couldn't sustain us the whole game.

The knees of 350 lb man-child linebackers are apparently made of dried out rubber bands and we should just preemptively replace them at the end of each season in the name of prudence because being gutted on O-line is not helpful for the decision making abilities of our skittish QB.

I was cranky about the loss, of course, as being a fan of any particular team for any length of time proves to be detrimental to one's mental health. But I can't say it was exactly surprising. Day time, in the swamp, for a team on the upswing as we appear to be on a downswing. I think I could feel that loss coming.

Besides! It was a gorgeous fall day in SF with a kabillion things to do. I'd rebound, right?