Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Shit. What do I have to say to you guys? That's lame, right? That I can't think of anything? I went to this MCLE thing on Saturday...


MCLE means Mandatory Continuing Legal Education. Because paying an obscene amount of money to get a J.D. isn't enough, you are required to get 25 MCLE credits every three years to stay compliant with bar rules. MCLE credits can cost a ton of money. Like $500 for 3 credits in some instances. If you work at a firm, they usually pay for your CLEs (I think?). And I'm sure they are tax deductible as a business expense but I don't really know yet. ANYWAY. As they are expensive, my school was giving away 3 free to recent alumni. I had to take this offer. It just meant sacrificing my Saturday morning, in direct conflict of LSU playing (but it was only Kentucky which is a basketball school and thus should be an easy win though I never assume our wins will be easy (it was)...not that that kept me from whining incessantly on Twitter about missing the game), to earn them.

So I went and got 3 MCLE credits, that aren't even due 'til 2014 for me because of the group I am in, in how to be your best legal self. Or something. It was a lot of "network network network!" stuff. But some good actual information on what you could be doing as far as furthering your job search blah blah. And some silly, but helpful for me, visualization exercises. And I got to spend all morning with my law school friend Kelly and gossip so there are worse ways to spend time.

Part of that lecture was on blogging. Which, ya know, I kinda know what a blog is, thanks. (They were also really pushing linkedIn which...yeah, no.) But they did say that you should post consistently. Which is true. I can set my watch by when most of the bloggers I like will post. Me? Not so much. So I realized I hadn't posted in over a week and said nothing of value recently so I thought I should come here and post something even though I don't have much to say. Phew.

That was a really long explanation of why I am posting.

The news from here is that it is raining and I am sick. I gave up drinking from the Sunday after the West Virginia game until the Florida game. (Yes, we mark time in the fall by who the opponent is.) That was a mere two weeks of not drinking. As I should have known from undergrad, the second I take time off from drinking, my body goes, "Whoa whoa! WTF? Where's that boozeahol stuff we like? Mmm. Think we need to recharge. How about a cold then, to get back on track?" So I'm sick. And not happy about it. No going to the gym, lots of ramen eating and ginger ale, much bad TV. It's annoying. But at least I'm not missing sun. It's storming!

All I know is that this better freaking clear up (both my cold and the weather) by this weekend because in addition to a big, annoyingly scheduled day game matchup with the Florida Gators, it is fleet week. We'll call that my second favorite holiday. You should all be aware by now that my generally sane, rational, logical self (stop laughing. Stop it. I mean it!) loses her sanity in very few instances. The introduction of a large group of sailors, their ships and planes, into our fair city is one of them. The Blue Angels will buzz across the city, flying low across the bay, rattling buildings, and bars will be filled with guys on leave. Combine this with me drinking all the Abita (assuming I feel better) for a 1 p.m. kickoff and it should be a pretty great weekend. It is also Caps opening day, in what will be my first full season of hockey fandom, at 3 on Saturday. There is pretty much no reason, except for maybe getting food, for me to leave the LSU bar on Saturday. Except to go to other bars. I'm taking public transport that day. Not looking forward to a $40 cab ride back to the Sunset but better than the alternative consequences. Look at me! Being kinda sorta responsible!

Though really I'm most excited about the window rattling jets and hanging with my friends because the less idiotic things I do lately, the happier I am. Well, the less Sundays I spend doubled over in shame the happier I am, at the very least.

With that I'm gonna go chow down on Vitamin C, eat MORE ramen (since my favorite Chinese food joint, that was my go to place to feel better, closed 3 years ago and I'm STILL bitter about) and pound Dayquil. Or the generic Walgreens version of it because I am so broke. I have no idea what's in that stuff but it's magic.

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