Monday, August 9, 2010

Aloha oye

My mom has decided we're going to Hawaii for Thanksgiving. It's a free trip to Hawaii and even with that in mind I'm hesitant to go along. I know, I know, I might as well reinstate the "not a princess" tag right now. It's just...well, it's my mom and brother and stepdad. They love me. But they don't get me.

But then I thought: I will either have just found out I passed or just found out I failed the California Bar Exam. Getting the hell out of Dodge would probably be a good thing. And I'm old enough now where going off and doing stuff by myself sounds fantastic, not terrifying. Hike Diamond Head solo? I can handle that. Sit at a bar, drinki Mai Tais and write in a journal, which people generally find fascinating? It'll be fine. All I really need is an iPod, a journal, a book, and a beach chair and I'm set.

And then I hear her on the phone trying to find somewhere to stay. The woman needs three hotel rooms. Because she refuses to put my brother and I in the same room because she knows how little we get along. Her grown ass, adult children. Buahaha! I mean, it's accurate. I even thought about telling her, "I'm fine with sharing a room with him, it'll be okay." Then I flashed back on all the shady, annoying things my brother does. And his general slovenliness. Yeah, if she's got the cash and feels like doing it, three rooms is JUST fine by me.

She has said we can "bring a friend", like we're little kids, all they need to do is pay for their flight. I just can't imagine she'd be okay with any of the friends I would bring. And it's more about limiting the cross over between the world that is my mother and that is my friends. We like to keep these circles as separate as possible, thanks.

So here's to the always entertaining family vacation, coming your way in November. The last time we did this? I have no idea because it always goes so horribly. And yet she insists on keep on trying to make it work...

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