Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bits and Pieces

My dad did not run off to Vegas. He was forwarding a message from a friend, but I didn't get the "Fwd" part to recognize that. So. That was anticlimactic. But also a relief? (Sorry for not updating more quickly, Kathryn.)

I had a fantastic evening on my own at the beach house. Straight worthy of its own romcom montage, really. Totally enjoyable. But I am now cursing myself for not working out today. (Yes, I realize there is still time, but I have dinner plans and get back here plans and...)

Though! I DID apply to jobs today. Which is so sucktastic. Not the applying part, necessarily, because you sort of get excited about a new opportunity. But every site has its own form with its own boxes. It's death by a thousand paper cuts. Someone universalize that crap. I also decided to modify the game. I'm writing really honest cover letters. What got me my most real adult job was having the opportunity to show them who I was through words, why curb that to fit into some box of formal cover letter? You like me for that or you don't, but I'd rather risk it than be overly annoyed with this whole process.

I also had a friend IM me, "Hey, I just got out of a two hour meeting of how we're taking on NFL workers comp cases!" I immediately responded, "Hate you." To which person replied, "some interesting sports contract things came up, so I was thinking of you. You should contact the partners." Oh, you weren't just giving me the information to rub it in? Nice. Even when this person first mentioned it, I started geeking out on the rules of the CBA and how they handle players being cut. My brain started doing that warp speed thinking thing. I sorta love sports. It's one of the few things I do love.

In fact, my informational interview with fancy law firm managing partner guy last week involved us talking about hockey more than him telling me about himself, which is not really how informational interviews are supposed to go but, oh well. It was at his questioning, not my rambling.

Anyway, after great night by myself at the beach house, I had really weird dreams where I was encouraged to follow mine by the long term (totally made up, not real life) legal secretary at some big fancy firm telling me, "You should not be practicing law! You should be writing! What are you doing?!" Uhhh, I don't know?

I also had a dream where I behaved horribly and I was in that half awake/half asleep space for a minute where I was genuinely horrified at my behavior before waking up a bit more and reminding myself that it wasn't actually real and I didn't do what I had in my dream.

Basically: the subconscious is a weird place and I constantly wonder at what it digs up and why.

Anyway, that's the news from here. What's up in your world?

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