Thursday, February 2, 2012

Using The Phone

I called fancy lawyer dude. He was nice. His firm, from what I read on their website, brings in serious money. (Class action suits. Getting $300 million judgments. Class action attorneys usually get a third, yes, a third, of that. Dolla dolla bills y'all.)

While I was busy freaking out about the whole omg talking on the phone thing, I IMed the long distance friend and was like, "Hey, I need your help." She talked me through it. We talked about our mutual foot dragging reluctance to do anything. That actually sort of takes care of one issue: people being there when you need them. I was grateful for that. Truly.

Anyway, he was very pleasant though confused at first thinking I worked at fancy department store and wasn't calling on the sale girl's recommendation. Once we cleared that up, we chatted briefly and then he said the best bet was to get together and talk. Which I was sort of expecting, this is how these things go. So we're set to meet next week and chat about god knows what. But it'll give me a reason to get fancy and go downtown, so there's that. 

I ran a couple errands after I finally sucked it up and called him, and downed a glass of Dr Pepper because I'd earned that (and it's in the house which means I can't resist because I am a weak willed human). When I returned from my errands, it dawned on me that he didn't have any of my contact information. If something changes, he won't be able to alert me. D'oh. 

I IMed the friend again and said, "Hey, I'm supposed to send one of those follow up emails, huh? One of those 'thanks for taking the time blah blah blah see you next week, here's my info' emails?" Yes, she replies. I'm really bad at this stuff. This is why I need a nice safe job where I can be clueless without too much harm coming to others. Or someone to just hold my hand and do it for me. (Not really, I'll survive on my own. There's just a lot more whining involved that way.) 

Point is: I used the phone, I have an informational interview, I didn't make too big of an idiot out of myself, the world did not end. 

Now to look forward to the next thing where I lose it...

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