Monday, March 14, 2011


My family is freaking bougie. I try to ignore this and go with the whole "Noooo, we're totally middle class salt of the earth folks. They're all cops for chist sake!" But my mother has both invested well and inherited and I am forced to admit that anyone with a hobby of collecting muscle cars and more than one jeweler she goes to regularly makes us more than a little bougie. I'd also say that her being bougie and me up to my eyeballs in student loan debt doesn't necessarily mean that I'm bougie, but my own penchant for designer purses and things that sparkle would speak to the contrary. I'd like to think that the me that screams profanity at sporting events is more of my personality than the me who can spot the girl with the Chanel clutch from across the room but who knows. *shrug* These are the parts of my personality I have yet to figure out, I suppose.

The reason I bring any of this up is that my mother's bougie penchant means I get to spend my afternoon driving to the 8th circle of hell (San Ramon) to pick up her latest purchase. Instead of doing what I want to do (nothing, screwing around on the internet). Why she can't wait until tomorrow on her day off to do this I have no idea. Check that. Yes I do. She has impulse control issues when it comes to certain things. Instant gratification her need. (THAT'S where I get that from *lightbulb*)

And what, exactly, is this purchase? She got another car. A bougie car. I won't even admit to what because just...for the love of god. Just know that my mother and the women dropping off their kids at Burkes are probably all in the same quasi-SUV thing now.

This is made even MORE ridiculous because she had a year old SUV that she got rid of six months ago. Because she didn't want to keep purchasing insurance on a car that she only drove to and from work (her work is like 3 miles from our house, if that). So she got rid of it. Only to decide...try to stifle your laughter...that the sedan she currently drives wasn't conducive to taking the dog to the dog park because it had no proper back area. He needs a car where he can be all the way in the back! Yes, she is using our little mutt as an excuse to buy a new car. That is strikingly similar, only more of a luxury brand, than the car she just got rid of did. *shakes head* So she purchased this from a private party. In San Ramon. That I have to now take my stepdad to pick up. At 3 p.m. In the East Bay. Guuuhh.

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