Friday, March 4, 2011


I thought being done with the bar exam would be a big giant relief and I would be a normal human being again. Um. Yeah. I completely figured that one wrong. I was a giant anger ball for the past week. Mostly, I think (I really have to stop typing "I think". OBVIOUSLY it's my thoughts. Gah. Bad writing.), because it meant the future was here and that's scary for all of its own reasons.

So like I said, giant anger ball. Which I didn't want to shout at the internet because it's all just very me me me and I find it annoying and self indulgent so don't really want to expose everyone else out there to it too. And there's definitely still stuff I'm working through, both on an emotional level and on an actual tangible clean my room run errands level. Sometimes those are the same thing.

Instead, after wanting to claw my skin off/punch a wall/kick something, I finally called up Cheryl and we ramped up the ole BNBD meter. On a Tuesday night. It's Thursday. I'm fairly certain I'm still hungover. (It's now Friday. I feel mostly human again.)

But ya know what? It was one of those in vino veritas/bacchanalia much needed release kind of things. Despite the hangover I felt much better after acting like a drunken idiot than I had prior to it.

My mom kiboshed my road trip to New Orleans because my car is actually HER car, so despite being 30 I am stuck in the 'Sco (Yeah, the Sco. I'm hip. What of it?), which lead to some of the crankyness. I realize, after pouting about it for a day, that it's probably better to not just drive to Louisiana without a plan or a place to stay. On the other hand, as my dad said when we talked about it Thursday night, "What's the point of living if you can't be spontaneous?" And in true defiant teenager fashion, that's when I went out and got drunk.

After the BNBD night, I peaced out to the beach house and basically laid around there doing nothing. It was magnificent. I indulged in all my guilty pleasure foods and played tug-o-war with Maverick.

And now, I am back at my house and it's time to seriously get shit together. Like yesterday. So we're gonna do that now. Slowly. Lists and checking things off and such.

Not a particularly exciting update but I'll have more soon (I hope).

In the meantime, it's Mardi Gras weekend. Which should be a national holiday(s?). In honor of NOT being there, I've decided to make a ton of New Orleans food and indulge. Because that's the point. Sheer hedonism. We're gonna do Mosca's Chicken a la Grande. I might start that with some Crab Maison via Galatoire's. There will definitely be Abita. Maybe a hurricane or two. Pick up some Po Boys? Sazerac's are also decidedly New Orleans. Oh, and for dessert? It's just not Louisiana if you aren't flambeing some bananas. Although: If someone knows where in the city I can get a decent approximation of a King Cake, that'd be appreciated. I should probably invite some people over for this...

Now THAT makes me feel better.

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