Sunday, September 5, 2010

And then... remember that the season is long and Les Miles likes to induce heart attacks, taking 5-10 years off of LSU fans lives for the past five years. I didn't even SEE most of the game. I was stuck on a Hornblower Yacht (I'm on a boat! I'm on a boat! With my flippy floppies!) for my aunt's 50th Birthday dinner. Which was actually a lot of fun and the food was better than I had anticipated. But: ON A BOAT! With no TV! Mad kudos to the always amazing Andy for gchatting me on my smart phone game updates. I spent a lot of time going "Fuck fuck fuck" for the last minute of what he was telling me. In fact:

Andy: LSU 40, 19 seconds.
Jai Eugen shattered a dude's ribs, though.
8:46 PM me: Good. Do that more. GOD I don't want to lose
8:47 PM Andy: At the 15.
8:48 PM 10 seconds left.
Peterson hurt.
me: Ruliajjatgdmg't
8:49 PM Andy: Six seconds, at the 5.
8:50 PM me: aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Andy: Dropped pass in end zone.
me: Is that game?
or one more play?
Andy: Game after a second one.
8:52 PM me: Final??
Andy: Yes.

All that while our boat was under the Golden Gate Bridge.

About Andy: I already got all, ya know about this before but after torching the SHIT out of a few friendships, having regular chats about all things with this incredibly smart kid (and he is a kid. He has never seen Top Gun!), who regularly gets forgiven for going to UF (who are in desperate need of a new center. Giggle.), has taken the sting out of the burning down some of those friendships. So, Andy, publicly: Thank you!

I watched football all day. Football, for me, who doesn't have a ton of SF friends who understand or care about it, is enhanced immeasurably by tweeting about it. I watched a little bit of Notre Dame, a little bit of UCLA, Michigan...if it was on I saw pieces of it. All day. I pondered going to the gym but instead just watched football. Football football football.

And what did we learn about this season so far? Not a lot. It's early. A lot of schools played a lot of mediocre teams. Jake Locker is NOT yet the second coming at UW. TCU has a cute ginger quarterback. The boy's alma mater lost. To a school out of the Ohio Valley Conference. Again: giggle. This made for some text smack talking. And I tweeted about it. Which got retweeted. Which I guess makes it all a little more real? James and Jacquizzi Rogers have sick abs. Mark Herzlich's story will make you tear up, even if you don't want to. Female sideline reporters are the bane of my existence and I would do their job better than they do. I still think my job as a lawyer should be to take down the NCAA for its arcane rules and lack of interest in actually protecting the players.

The Nike Pro Combat Uniform website is LOLZ hysterical.

Oh, and the Giants had a come from behind victory against the Dodgers and are now within 2 of the Pahds in the NL West.

But mostly? As exhausted as I am, as stressed out as Les Miles makes me, as long as I know the season is going to be, I am goddamn giddy about the return of college football. Saturdays in the fall. There's just nothing better.

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  1. Ooooh, you got retweeted! After typing that sentence, it looks pretty ridiculous, but come on. A smidge of internets celebriocity is fun! And making up new words is fun, too.