Saturday, September 18, 2010

Football Food: Um...

I realized I owed all one of you who care a football food. But: I'm not in the mood. I'll do something extra special for you early this week before I leave for LOUISIANA!!! WHHHEEEEEE!

So my football food? Purchase Dr Pepper. Open Dr Pepper. Pour over ice. Do not put period after Dr when typing. Sip. Say, "Ahhhhhhh" after first sip. The. End. Seriously. It's an addiction. I've tried to kick it but...I just can't. And not sure I really want to. It's a weekend thing now though, instead of a daily thing. (I have started with V8 splash and club soda during the week.)

I got a few amazing words from my dad's girlfriend so I think I'm finally gonna shake off this funk I've been in. She told me I am not responsible for anyone else's happiness on my trip. She's right. She told me to relish this time off. She's right again. So I'm taking a deep breath and gonna have some m@#$%^ f#$%ing fun!

That starts with meeting the BFF for football. Which he will not actually watch but it'll be fun to get some alone time.

So there ya go, short and sweet.


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  1. Thanks for clarifying that there is no period after Dr. Oooh, but there is one if you end a sentence with it! =P

    Hopefully you'll come back and blog about some N.O.-inspired FOOTBAW!!! food for us. I'll be waiting. I need to try the bean salad and STOP with the nachos already.