Thursday, September 9, 2010

Football Food: Black Bean Salad

I'm posting this on Thursday because there is football on tonight. And because I'm bored. And because I can. You gonna stop me?

First, an unsolicited endorsement for something that will be integral in pretty much all subsequent recipes: Tony Chachere's Famous Creole Seasoning.

And a story (because this is me): When I got to Louisiana this stuff was EVERYWHERE. Instead of salt and pepper on the table of the dining hall, and most restaurants, there were these ubiquitous green cans. People in Louisiana put it on everything. Steak. Eggs. I maintain that if they could figure out a way to put it on dessert, they would. And why not? Mexican chocolate is spicy, why not some in your fudge? And as any good Californian raised on crisp, clean cuisine where the ingredients are the star, I balked at the idea of seasoning everything with this...stuff. You should taste your food! Not the spices! My steak should taste like steak. Not spice! And Tony's does have a bit of a kick. But gradually I acquiesced with a "When in Rome" attitude. And now I use it in so many dishes, it's ridiculous. My family has also become reliant on it. My dad recently shook an almost empty can at me and just said, "Uhhh???" Yeah, yeah, I'll get you more. It's also great if you can only have one thing. Say you're in a condo you don't own and don't want to haul/buy $50 of spices. This all in one has you covered. So: go to the grocery store (I know Safeway has it) and buy yourself a can. You won't be sorry. In the alternative, I am headed to Louisiana shortly where this stuff is cheap and will be heading to the WalMart there to stock up. You're welcome.

Now: On to this week's recipe. I made Black Bean Salad for my aunt's birthday BBQ last weekend and decided I should just call it idiot salad because any idiot can make it. It requires no baking. Throw the stuff in a bowl and voila! AND: added bonus: HEALTHY.

Your ingredients:
As many cans as of black beans as you desire. 2-10, it's up to you.
Red bell pepper. Or green. Or orange. Or all of the above. Diced
Red onion. Diced.
Whatever other veggie you want. You like celery? (I don't) Throw it in. I had some Anaheim chiles on hand last week, diced em up fine and threw them in there for some green.
Olive Oil
Half of a lime's juice (optional, but nice)

Now, the hard part:
Open cans of beans. Empty into strainer. Rinse that chalky liquid stuff off thoroughly. Set aside.
Throw diced red onion and bell peppers in a bowl. Add beans. Shower with Tony's, as much as you desire. Squeeze in lime juice. Drizzle on a couple tablespoons of olive oil. Shouldn't be swimming in it, just enough to coat the beans. Toss all together until well mixed. Refrigerate for at least an hour, but a couple would be best for the flavors to marry. Take out and eat. You're done. Seriously. It was THAT easy. Dad even marveled the next day, "This is good. And healthy. Are these canned beans?" Hell yes they are!

Now a word about football food in general: I'm a fairly accomplished cook. I can do a lot. But I'm keeping these recipes simple, choosing ones that are good for football days and for the crowd you inevitably have over watching the sport. It's junk food, essentially. And for the beginning chef. I just don't want this to reflect on the totality of my abilities. I felt that needed to be caveated. Also: will not be coughing up the guacamole recipe. Ever. A girl's gotta have her tricks.


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  1. AND! And! And because her majesty myself requested it!

    This spice has me intrigued as I am someone who is not about to spend $50 on spices. Must add to list.

    Ok, this may just be idiot-proof. I'll let you know.