Saturday, September 11, 2010

Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate! ACK!

I had a major disappointment yesterday. I don't want to get too into it, but basically my amazing Friday night plans got canceled. And I am battling an awful sinus headache. I am fine with physical pain, generally. Headaches? I'm laid the hell out. Sinus headaches have the added bonus of making me nauseous. I don't know why this is true, but it is. I battled that all day as I went to the hair salon and nail salon. (I know, I know, life is hard.) So when my plans, that I had so been looking forward to, when I generally try not to get too excited about things, got canceled, I lost it a little bit. I had perfect salon hair going to waste! And perfectly manicured nails! And an AMAZING outfit picked out! Grumble.

I already knew I had the beach house to myself, so I quickly packed a bag (forgetting necessary things like socks in my hurry) and headed there. And I laid on the couch and did nothing from about 5 p.m. til 1 a.m. I watched movies. I ate nachos. I ate ice cream with fudge sauce. I was a real life Cathy comic. And it was flipping depressing. The long hot bath and classical music made me feel a little better. It was even somewhat liberating rinsing out my flat ironed salon hair. 'Til Irene pointed out that was really kind of depressing... and I agreed.

So what'd I watch? I watched Date Night BECAUSE I WASN'T ON ONE! It was cute. Pretty clever. The "You took someone's reservations!?" being awful line got old quickly. Tina Fey was a little more shrill than she generally is and I didn't like that all that much. But it was cute. The scenes with Mark Wahlberg were some of my favorite. It was definitely a Friday night rental kinda movie.

Then I watched Kick Ass. I liked it. I liked Nicholas Cage playing thisclose to child molester. I knew it would be violent, so I was prepared for that.

And then I watched Hot Tub Time Machine. I think John Cusack is dreamy. Still. Always. And it was ridiculously funny. Here's the thing: For reasons that I do not understand, I CAN NOT wrap my brain around time travel. Maybe I'm too linear? They travel back in time, are themselves in that time, change the future, travel forward in time unknowing of how the future has been changed, except for the person who stayed in the past and lived the intervening 20 years. SO WHO LIVED THE INTERVENING 20 YEARS? WHERE ARE THOSE PEOPLE?! I don't understand!! And why are they then holes in those people's memories? Yeah, me and time travel? We don't get along. You lost me when it wasn't Back to the Future. Which I also think is why I don't like the novel The Time Traveler's Wife. So there. I'm an idiot. Because I don't understand time travel.

And, that, fine friends, was my TERRIBLY exciting Friday night. I know you're jealous.

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