Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall Sports

I still feel like crap. (Headed to Walgreens shortly for something to attempt to make me feel better. I also better have lost ten pounds by the end of this miserable illness.) But in the meantime? The sun is out, we have that glorious fall crispness in the air, and the next 72 hours can be devoted to obsessing about sports and for the first time in forever: I'm not alone! This can be done without looking insane! (In San Francisco. I never look insane in Louisiana. No, in fact, I look like a freaking Rhodes Scholar there [I jest. Kinda.])

The Giants are one glorious win away from heading to the World Series. Even if we implode tonight (fingers crossed this doesn't happen), we only need to win one of the next three. I don't have the stats on this (I am not a stats geek) (and geezus with the parens already), but I bet a team up 3-1 in a best of seven is more likely than not to take the series.

Additionally: LSU plays Auburn at Jordan Hare in the middle of the day. Every journalist with a blog seems to be picking the upset of LSU over the WarEagleTigersPlainsman. This means we'll probably get our asses handed to us. In a day game. At Auburn. Sigh. But I hope against hope that crazy old testament god let's us get through. I really hope against hope to have the most epic status update ever come Saturday afternoon.

Between LSU football and Giants baseball, I am sacrificing...something. My sanity? My good health, definitely. My going to the gym for sure. I will eat something fantastically awful and revel in the fact that I get to watch all this torture unfold. Don't let me down, GiantsTigers!

I would also like to thank those converts amongst us. Hop on this bandwagon! (Just behave yourself while on it.) To Michael and Chuck with whom I watch the LSU games and who email me about the schedule. And who will both be recipients of brand new LSU t-shirts to wear this weekend. To Cheryl, who apparently had so much fun watching a Giants loss (it being fleet week and us being at a bar probably helping matters), she texted me when she arrived back from Southern California to see if the Giants were still in it and if we could go watch at a bar. If I had the funds, I would seriously consider getting a ticket for tonight. But also considering I have exactly zero energy, it's just as well to let other crazy fans go enjoy it more. This also means I will not be watching at a bar.

As an aside: I am DEFINITELY going to a World Series game (if we make it. No jinx, no jinx, no jinx.) I've never been to one. Was away at college last time the Giants were in. And I don't think any of us went in 1989. I still, btw, am PISSED at my brother for rearranging his life to go to Giants games and the like (recently flew home EARLY from Vegas to watch the Giants clinch the division) but couldn't show up for two hours for my law school graduation. Yep. This is my brother. (He later paid for a keg as my present, though, so amends. Kind of. Know I won't be sitting through any more celebration of him crap for a lonnnggg time though. Sibling rivalry, it's what's for dinner.)

To my six year old football obsessed cousin, who without any encouragement from me, has decided that one of his favorite college football teams is LSU. I look forward to steering this kid in the right direction and in 12 years making sure he picks the Tigers on signing day (this half samoan kid is destined for duty as a lineman). I need to find an LSU game to watch with him so I can begin explaining the legend and lore of LSU football to him. And in a couple years when I'm an uber rich attorney (buahahahahaha!), I'll take him to a game. I will not let my Oregon Duck alum cousins corrupt him! No, I will not.

To Kathryn, who after one home game in Baton Rouge has begun crafting a plan for us to move there. With which I am in complete agreement.

I think I've decided that fall is my favorite time of year. It's even better when you're winning. Let's keep that going, mkay?

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  1. Glad you've got a lot of sports going on right now.

    My sister and her godmother were at that World Series game in 89 when the earthquake hit.