Wednesday, October 20, 2010


When the gods think you are having too much fun, not respecting them enough, they knock you down a peg or two. It's the way of things. (At least in my too much reading of Greek mythology.)

So when I found myself without an appetite (hey! I could lose some weight!) and without energy (well I did party pretty hard for four straight days), I didn't chalk it up to what I should have: illness. I thought the sniffles in my head were just allergies brought on by the sudden, prolonged appearance of sun. I power walked through it, but the exercise was miserable hell, even anticipating it as miserable hell. I took some Benadryl, to get rid of the awful foggy feeling I was dealing with and hoped for the best. My head cleared up. But then my chest got awful. Hacking, miserable cough. Yep. Sick.

I had already planned on a quiet weekend, I had the beach house to myself, LSU had a nothing game, the Giants were playing and our amazing weather was gone as quickly as it came. But I woke up Friday feeling...just awful. Achey. I craved the one thing that makes me feel better: ramen. Well, actually, I love Chinese food when I'm sick, but, despite living in San Francisco, I don't have a go to place anymore.

I went to my dad's house and waited impatiently for him to leave. I wanted to start my weekend! He left, I ate Ramen, I took a hot bath, I watched crappy movies and played on the internet, I felt generally awful. Those general achey-ness, the cold sweat and then being hot. Super fun!

The one thing that cracked me up hysterically is my dad's three dogs. Three large dogs. A massive headed pit bull (I swear to god his head resembles that of an alligator, just without the snout), a boxer, and a boxer mix. I couldn't even get on the couch at first, all three of them were curled up there. They lovvveee me. I spent Saturday much the same way, streaming the LSU game on the interwebs, listened to the giants game and generally enjoyed being alone. Generally. When sick, someone to cuddle on the couch with wouldn't be completely awful.

Anyway, I spent my weekend with a sense of ennui. I would lament how bored I was, how there was a complete lack of stimulation, but then in petulant teenage-like fashion, I would do nothing, absolutely nothing, to alleviate that boredom. I had suggestions. Just nothing sounded appealing. It's the "Well if you're so bored why don't you clean your room..." line your (my) mother gave me when I was younger.

And frankly, even now that it's Wednesday, I still feel that way: bored and sick. I forced myself to the gym Monday but that definitely didn't feel good. I feel like my lower back (kidneys? I suck at anatomy) were hurting so I've been drinking cranberry juice like nobodies business. I started to feel better, I thought, but then a headache resurfaced Tuesday night and general achey-ness is pervasive today. WTF, body? W.T.F!? Suggestions for remedies, anyone? I'm having stomach problems and sweats. THIS IS AWESOME!

This has also lead to increased and pronounced crankiness, a general impatience with whatever the fuck people are saying/doing. Don't take it personally. I just can't stand anyone right now. (I'm awesome.)

Anyway, that is a quick, nothing update. What's going on in your world?


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