Monday, December 13, 2010

The Holiday Season

The holiday season has begun...

I had a busy weekend when I got back from Florida and while it was lovely and entertaining and fabulous I'm fucking exhausted, am in desperate need of about 8 straight hours at the gym, and it's only the tip of the holiday season to come.

Saturday I was going to go to the Navy Alumni Bar to go watch the Army Navy game but I was barely functional and SO happy to finally be home that I opted for the TV downstairs, my internet connection, my pajamas, and the comfy couch. I am only slightly ashamed to admit that I cried during the intro to the game with it's whole patriotism/serve your country thing. This TV watching experience was, though, made more fabulous by the fact that both my parents were at work and I was thus home alone. After watching what resembled more of a rugby scrum than a football game with the ball on the ground so much, I ran by my favorite outer Sunset produce store to procure stuff for the Thanksgiving potluck at my friend Jonathan's house. I couldn't be bothered to whip up something fantastic so cheese and salami it was.

The week previously when I had been at my dad's house, I rounded the corner as I left, where there is a new Christmas Tree lot. I drove by and super gorgeous blonde surfer type working there smiled at me. I got all squee and giddy for a second. "Me? Super hot blonde surfer guy totally just smiled at ME?! Sigh." And that put me in blissful hopeful mode for a whole half a minute. I admittedly did not get a great look at this guy but just saw blonde and well built.

As I left my dad's house THIS time, I rounded the same corner to make my way home and saw again super hot blonde surfer boy. Only this time I got a good look. And realized why he had smiled at me. I know him. We freaking were in the same high school class together. We sat in this experimental group geometry class together, in small groups of 4, and he, of the sandy blonde hair and rough salt water cracked hands, barely tolerated me. The smile was not because of my smoldering sexuality but because we've known each other since we were 14 and he was being polite. Gaaaahhhh. Reason #436 why SF is too freaking small. (This does not make him any less hot, btw. He is. In fact much hotter than when he was 15. Still. It's irrelevant.)

Anyway, I dragged myself to a holiday potluck that night. I was exhausted but really wanted to go to see Lindsey and say goodbye before she leaves us for New Hampshire. *sad face* It was a really good time though and I was glad I went. I was incredibly glad to be back on the West Coast surrounded by smart, entertaining, hysterical, fun people. And to talk some, but not a lot, of nerdy law school stuff and assorted gossip. Choosing your tribe: awesome. I will miss Lindsey terribly and am pissed at the stupid California bar examiners for not passing her. But, ya know, winds of fate and all that. Sigh. Still, I had a terribly wonderful time with these fantastic people. Holiday cheer!

As the party was winding down, I escaped back to my neighborhood and the Philly Club where I met Beth for a cocktail and introduced to her to all the glory that is Outer Sunset bars. We were immediately greeted by some guy shaking her hand. Beth was confused. I informed her that he was in her class in high school. I saw no fewer than 6 people there that either went to grade or high school with me. This girl Mary walks in and I say hi to her. I actually really like Mary. Beth asks how we know each other I say, "Uh, we've known each other since we were five." Mary and I spent all of k-8 together and also went to sleep away summer camp together one summer. I didn't talk to most of the others but just observed, snarking with Beth. She said she was slightly scared in there. I said it was like The Departed and could picture Jack Nicholson hanging out in the back making deals. (It's, in reality, decidedly more tame than that.)

A group of girls walked in, all from a holiday party judging by their dress, who I instantly recognized as having gone to my high school. Beth and I discussed this, as we both went to the same high school but don't know each other from there, and both had an experience wherein we didn't love it. I have always been a bit jealous of these people who are lifelong friends, to be able to connect with the same people forever. But Beth said something else that I think is what bothers me about these lifelong friendships of people who still meet in ridiculous Sunset bars well into their 20s: "It's a big freaking world out there with all sorts of awesome people. Why not explore it a bit and get out of your bubble? Sheesh!" Yes. That. That is why I left. That is why I am itching to leave again.

I did leave Philly Club at midnight, mostly sober, and alone. This is not how my nights at Philly Club usually go. I felt like I should get some grown up award for that.

Since it was still relatively early I came home and got on the computer and did some chatting. I also checked in on my stupid online dating account because it sent me an auto email with these three pre-matched people they think you'll be good with. I got on the site because I couldn't believe that one of these "perfect" matches was someone who I know one of my friends has previously hooked up. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!? Of all the people in the internet world and on the dating website you choose someone a friend has already hooked up with? Good god. Andy said I should move to a real city. I agree.

Sunday, I didn't manage to make it to the gym but did manage to whip up a Caesar salad. (I still haven't managed to make it to the gym and tonight is not boding well either. Tomorrow morning. We have to climb back on this horse.) I headed to Michael's house for tree decorating and dinner. Chuck was sick but a trooper. We were supposed to be decorating his tree. His other friends, Robert and Alfredo, were there as well as a coworker, Alyssa. I love the banter. It's like a fantastic episode of the Gilmore Girls. Someone told me I couldn't tighten the bolts on the Christmas Tree because that's "man's work". Uh huh, you're absolutely right, room full of gay guys. Challenge: ACCEPTED.

I made tea, I found a recipe and ended up making Chuck a hot toddy which actually smelled really good, even though I'm not a fan of Scotch and couldn't find the cinnamon stick right away. I used the new mugs I bought us all in Disneyland. Mine said, "Once a princess, always a princess." Michael's says, "Under this grumpy exterior beats the heart of a dashing hero." Chuck's has Mickey Mouse and says something mushy about making people smile.

For some reason, I ended up sort of taking over the kitchen while Michael entertained and it was FANTASTIC. I felt in my element. Chuck BBQed me chicken. I say me, even though it's for everyone. Seriously, one of the simple pleasures in my life is BBQed chicken thighs over a charcoal grill. Michael is contemplating switching to gas. I am opposed to this. I threw together the Caesar salad, boiled then glazed some carrots, cut up squash and seasoned it and steamed it back out on the BBQ. Michael cleared off the table, I set it. I drank champagne. Everyone else strung lights while I did this. I coulda been Donna freaking Reed if I'd had something other than jeans and a t-shirt on.

After much merry making, tree decorating, and fantastic and ridiculous conversations with all the guests, it was just me and the boys. We wrapped up our conversation and I left around 10. And as I did I just smiled ridiculously. These. These are my people. And it was truly a fantastic weekend. Even if I am still exhausted and ready for 15 more hours of sleep.

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