Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Years Eve

I don't have even a whiff of a plan for NYE. All my favorite people are out of town/working. And by favorite I mean the tiny collection of friends I have that make up the people in this universe that I can stand. And a few family members.

Usually I am fine with no NYE plans. I hate NYE for the following reasons:

  1. It is amateur night. Every one who just turned 21, and those who aren't even 21, feel compelled to go out. And they are usually from San Anselmo or San Ramon or some other awful suburb and do not fucking know how to act when in zomg a big city. 
  2. Which means they are all shit faced blotto by 10 p.m., even though the bar will stay open, as is customary EVERY night, 'til 2 a.m.
  3. Them being blotto early means that drunk, emotional girls have turned the bathroom into an uninhabitable train wreck by 11 p.m. and are likely to spill cheap champagne/step on you. Constantly. Repeatedly. I like a clean bathroom, thanks. 
  4. And bars be expensive. $80 to go sit in some crowded place you can't leave because the next bar is just as expensive? Yeah. No. You could do that whole table service thing but that requires a collection of people and...we're back to the original problem. 
  5. Cabs. Don't even think about getting a cab. Considering I live in, as Chuck calls it, The Boonies (near West Portal), any bar I might be inclined to get gussied up to go to is nowhere near me, this becomes problematic. Sure sure, public transport. Um, really? The 48 at 2 a.m.? I'll pass. 
  6. Since, as Kent said last night, "70% of your family is SFPD", they all end up working NYE. Which means I run into them. Which means they know what I'm up to. Which means making out on the street with some random stranger, as is my m.o, becomes slightly awkward. 
So usually I try to do something quiet and close to home. One year, when with the ex, who had a friend named PJ, we had a PJ party at PJ's. Last year we did a nice dinner at my Dad's house. That was all well and good until the point where it was 4 couples and me at midnight (fucking being single. grumble). So I didn't want a repeat of that nonsense this year. Which, dad has to work, problem solved. Michael invited me down to Palm Springs...and while momentarily tempted by that, I realized I'm a) broke and b) that being the straight girl with a group of gay guys was perhaps more depressing than being the straight girl with the couples.

Like I said, usually fine with no plans, but I've lost a modicum of weight, found a pair of knee high boots that actually fit over my extra large calves and own a dress that I can't return because I already ripped the tags off it. My life is about to get exponentially more frustrating with YAY BAR STUDY so I'd like to do something, have some fun before that begins...but I got nada.

So I guess I need to be content with a bottle of Bailey's and romcoms for me to curse at/wish were my life as I sit on the downstairs couch with the dog after my parents go to bed at like 9:30.

I'll party on Jan 7th when LSU plays TAMU in a bowl game, I guess.

Anyone got anything more exciting planned?

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  1. Love your plans! I'm staying up all night and watching rom coms!