Sunday, May 22, 2011

Accentuate the Positive

After feeling like I got kicked in the chest the past couple days, I'm coming out of it. Because I have to. I can't just sit around the house eating junk food. I mean, I could, but I've been working out way too hard to backslide too far. (I have discovered I can't have Dr Pepper or bacon in the house. It all gets consumed.)

So the good: Speaking of working out, I had to go buy a new bra the other day. As Oprah tells us, 80% of women are wearing the wrong size. And if Oprah says it, then it must be true! Anyway, because of all the working out, I needed to be sized for a new bra. While that experience is hellish (men, be very glad you have never been felt up in the dressing room by a virtual a non-sexual way. Geezus. I could see all the little "Oh! Dressing room shenanigans!" thought bubbles. No. It's not at all like that), I am now 2 (2!) whole band sizes below what I was wearing. Awesome. Now to keep going down and somehow retain cup size... (I have now talked more about my boobs than I would like, but, well, there it is.)

As for the gym going: I am in need of a work out partner. I need someone who will push me a little more. Because I think, "Whoa! I just ran 2.25 miles straight? Really? That's good!" and I'll stop, when I could probably push it that last .75 and get up to 3 miles (this is a goal). And since I don't have a trainer anymore, I'm not doing the core stuff. I mean, really, unless someone makes you, why are you going to bother with sit-ups and push ups? They suck. So if you, or someone you know, has any interest in having a gym buddy, let me know. That or I'm gonna find a set of P90X's on sale and do that.

Additionally: my name remains on the calbar website. I keep waiting for that one to be a hoax. "Nope! Sorry! Totally miscalculated!" And then I'd be all, "No backsies!" Cuz I'm 12. I'm also the person who keeps waiting for them to say that I didn't really get into law school. My self-confidence is overwhelming sometimes. Swearing is at the beginning of June where I take an oath to uphold the law of the land or some such nonsense.

I had a really fun Friday with Beth, who dragged me out of the house, wherein I ate the amazing ravioli uovo at Seven Hills and met two separate groups of her friends, who were all awesome. I'm not sure I was really in the mood to be out, but it ended up being fine.

The parentals remain on their trip of the great white north, so I have the house to myself. Though, to be honest, having this house to myself is not nearly as much fun as when I have my dad's house to myself. It has been nice to be mopey and not be judged for it though. And my dog is super clingy without them. It's kind of comforting to have a 35 lb dog draped over your lap like he's a cat. Not so amusing when he's pouncing on my head in the morning but I'll still take it.

I'm sad Linds is gone but it was super awesome to spend time with her and talk about all the girl stuff I don't usually talk about and be with someone whose brain appears to operate in much the same manner mine does. There was a lot of saying, "Yes! Exactly!" with her around. I hope she can come back soon.

So yeah. It's not all gloom and doom. Despite all the crazy places my brain goes (you don't ever really want to know the potential for every last even sane chick to just go completely off the rails. Most of us reign it in, but know that there is always potential), I'm doing okay. We're making the honey badger our spirit animal for the foreseeable future and pushing through.

Now to get me one of them lawyer jobs...

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