Monday, June 27, 2011


I am in a fuck all, completely contrarian mood. I would burn things down if that was an appropriate response to, ya know, anything ever. So Imma just gonna vent here for a bit before flagellating myself on a 6 mile run (lying, I'm totally walking).

1. The Wire? It's fucking boring. There. I said it. I have watched to Season 3 Disc 1. I traded that in for Friday Night Lights. I preferred FNL. Everyone talks about The Wire being THE GREATEST SHOW EVER. I tried to like it. I did. See! I watched to S3! I do like Omar. The rest of it? I spend the day with my dad at work doing actual police stuff and it's way more interesting than any single episode of what is essentially shitty police work (how they manage to constantly fail and miss things is beyond me). I realize that you likely weren't used to being picked up in police cars after school as normal. Or hanging out in the narcotics enforcement bureau of the SFPD as a kid. Where there was a fat guy sitting on a cooler, his shorts exposing his butt crack poster with the line "Just say no!" underneath it and what were essentially man-boys (though I didn't realize it at the time) that worked the division entertaining you and the other cops kids when you'd hang out there with fake blood capsules and handcuffing you to office chairs.

Yeah. See. That was my normal. I knew how to play with the different lights on a radio car and make the siren go long before I knew how to drive. I knew how to spot a crack deal in the TL by the time I was a teenager. I knew what it looked like when someone was on crack or heroin or speed or meth, and the differences between them. I saw guys from the projects barely out of puberty in four sizes too big white t-shirts try to explain why they had $500 in cash on them but no job when I was in high school and hung out at Bayview Station way more than anyone not employed by the city should. I know people that died in drug deals and cops that got killed in the line of duty.

Family dinner conversations involve decapitations in the Broadway tunnel (more frequent than you would think) and gang bangers killing each other. One of my good friends is one of the most badass gang task force cops ever, and yet the sweetest guy, who rolls out with stories about infanticide like it's no big. That make me laugh! Because when you have this kind of growing up, that's what you do. Warped sense of humor, lack of fear of death.

So The Wire? Not to sound all like I had some super impressive life or anything but I think people appreciate it because it's this look into a side of crime and police work the average person doesn't know. I do. And I know both sides of it (I had some very very bad uncles).

If you can convince me otherwise, that McNulty stops being a fuck up or that there is any actual resolution to them doing police work (I doubt this, as there isn't in real life either), I might be convinced to continue watching it. But I doubt it.

And actually, I ran out of steam being angry and my walk was good and Maverick is cuddled up on the couch with me now and the level of how much better that is than any guy I have met lately since that thing with that dude says something. About me or guys I'm not sure (me). So. That's why I'm bored with The Wire.

*This tangent was started by Andy saying he was rewatching it with his roommate and it got me thinking about why I'm not really interested in continuing with it. There ya have it.

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