Friday, June 17, 2011

Settle a Debate

Did you watch the video? Watch the video. And then watch it again and again and again. You'll want to anyway. Because it's Robyn and she's awesome and the song is catchy.

Now. You need to settle a debate. Which is really a stupid debate because it is two people listening to a piece of art and interpreting in different, probably not wrong, ways. We're likely both right. But the fun of being a grown up is having the debate. Seriously, the amount of words spent on debating a pop song is bordering on ridiculous. (We also watched The Vampire Diaries pilot episode tonight and live, virtually, discussed it. It's gonna be a long summer, folks.)

Andy's opinion (paraphrasing): the song should be taken at lyrical face value and is a song about a friends with benefits situation, or FWB as the cool kids say. His evidence: "I know what's on your mind there will be time for that too...if you hang with me."

My opinion: It's an anti-jinx song, sort of. I'm delving into some psychology here but it's a doth protest song. "Don't fall recklessly headlessly in love with me cuz it's gonna be all heartbreak, blissfully, painful, insanity..." is the warning you give when it's already too late. It's also a self warning. "This is gonna suck but here we love." Or else why would you want someone to pick you up again? This is you fell in love with your best friend story. This is the shit romcoms are made of. Or at least that's how I read the song.

Now: some clarifications: I am a music fan in the way that I am a beer or wine fan. If it is made with hops/grapes, I'm pretty sold so long as it is not swill. I take a passing interest in most music, play it to death, move on. I like catchy pop music, 80s hair metal, and classical pops along with standards. I am mostly not picky. But I happen to really like Robyn and though my musical taste is pedestrian at best, I linked Andy the song before he did to me. Winna!

But! Andy is like insane about music. He writes about it. For realz. He links me stuff that is akin to listening to Miles Davis for the first time where I go, "I don't get this" and scratch my head feeling older than I prefer to. I inevitably like the thing about a song that he hates, or hate the thing he likes. I don't GET most of it, which is annoying. That OMFGABFDJIBSdb whatever BS makes absolutely zero sense to me and frankly I'm okay with that. So his bend is usually more musically inclined than my "that beat is good". Take that for what it's worth.

Now, people of the internet: What say you?

A. Take it at face value, it's a hook up song for friends with benefits.
B. It's a love song for someone who is already in love.

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