Saturday, June 11, 2011

Minor Things

I don't really have anything fascinating to stay, but I made a vow to write more so LISTS! (I do love lists, in case you haven't noticed.)

1. We turned in our "lucky penny" at our swearing in ceremony. Our school gave us lucky pennies, encased in plastic, as talismans for the bar, handed down by other bar passers. Mine came from a girl that now hates strongly dislikes me and I had to take the bar twice so I don't know how lucky I consider my penny. I wanted it out of my house but wasn't gonna just throw it away so I gave it back to our bar study dean. I hope it brings the next person more luck than it did me. Anyway, as we're at the swearing in after reception, I mention the penny and that I didn't rely it on for the second bar study period. My aunt asks what I used instead and I answer honestly: I took my snail shell with me. Snail shell? she queries. Yes, snail shell. That snail shell is forever my talisman and I'd be lying if I said I didn't take it with me a lot of places. The whole theory is: if I can get through that wholly embarrassing moment in a French restaurant in France (is it then just a restaurant?), then I can get through anything.

2. I tweeted awhile ago about magical mardi gras beads too. They would be another charm of mine. That story you should all know by now but I stand by that tweet. They remind me that the most fleeting moments, captured in our memory banks, are worth the experience and probably lessons. I try to keep that in mind as sometimes it's tempting to just hide in bed and avoid the world.

3. Midweek. Day game. Baseball. I am sure I touted its virtues before but I do it again now. Burnt my arms. Don't care. Brought a tasty homemade sandwich to share with my dad. We had a blast. I know you all have jobs and act like grown ups but make it a point during the season to take a day off, or early afternoon or whatever and spend the day at some midweek day game baseball. Totally worth it. Mellow crowd, real fans, relaxed atmosphere. Usually sun. (Today's day game is miserable. It's flipping windy here today. Oh how I hate summer in this city. We are also losing lost by a lot.)

4. I seriously have to start my job search. The bank account is starting to terrify me with how tiny it is. I'm also terrified by job searching. So cover letter ideas, places to start, common sense advice you think would be handy, I welcome it. If you happen to have a law like job that's open and feel like just GIVING it to me, I'd name my first kid after you. If I were ever gonna have kids. Would you settle for next dog?

5. Hockey. Hockey hockey hockey hocccckkkkeeey. I still want a pair of skates. (My birthday's in less than a month. Just sayin') I love watching it. I'm gonna have serious withdrawals when the Stanley Cup finals are over. I'm having a blast with Chuck going to Kezar Pub to watch the games. We have no real rooting interest but good hockey is fun and Kezar seems to be populated by lots of Canucks fans who are for serious about the game. Minor problem: Hockey games starting at 5 lead to several bad decisions after that. Woooo last night! Which leads to:

6. Oh the vague shame of all the assy things you know you said the night before. Thanks, alcohol! Also: my inability to remember names when I'm drinking is stunning. I am really bad at it. Really. I would love to be friends with the amazing French Canadian surgeon girl woman. This is difficult considering I have no idea what her name is. I should start asking for business cards.

7. Vaguely assy things also extend to the internet because I realize that last post is self absorbed and dripping with cynisism and I need to knock that the hell off. Really. My apologies. I'll be better than that. That said, me being assy is mostly on the internet and I hope I don't do too much of that out in the universe as I have been, I think, doing right by some friends lately. Not to toot my own horn, which is not at all my thing, but I hope you all know I got ya back, yo. Whatever you need, I'm here.

8. Now that I know most of you have finally seen Bridesmaids, my unsolicited thoughts: I don't think it's a straight comedy. I think it's a really sweet coming of age story, even when that coming of age happens in your 30s and not your teens. Annie was way too relatable of a character and Linds and I both cried. "Omg we need to get our shit toooggeethhherr!" I loved Melissa McCarthy's character. There are some one liners I loved. Jon Hamm playing totally unlikeable was a nice change. (I maintain that while Don Draper is an asshole, there is something likeable about that, while as this guy was straight irredeemable.) The Chris O'Dowd character was adorable too, though, as Andy predicted: a police date would do very little in the way of amusing me. I also had issues with his whole "Bake for me!" approach. I know what he was trying to do, I didn't like the execution. What I REALLY liked was the dialogue. They talked how my friends and I talked. It felt really natural and not at all forced. I didn't like the mean girling that Rose Byrne's character did and thought that your friends would be more protective of that...but I've seen some mean girl stuff go down so I get it, especially as plot device. Anyway. I saw it twice in the theater. I never seen anything twice in a theater. I hope there are more movies like it. (I also strongly recommend Easy A for cute, sweet, awesome movies.)

Alright, that's it. The still being drunk part has faded and I'm now just miserable and hungover. So much fun!

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