Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Am I the asshole?

I'm crowd sourcing you all because I have a dilemma:

So. I'm in trouble. My mom texted me at 9 a.m. about making cookies. I ignored it and went to the gym, came home and took a shower. I wish she'd figure out just to leave me alone between the hours of 9-5. I thought about making a contract with her when bar study started but, well, she wouldn't care. 

Another text from her at noon, "Did you respond?" I typed out a long response but didn't send it, knowing I was starting a shit storm if I did. Instead I called her and asked her if she needed them today or tomorrow. She said either one. So I said fine, I'd make them tonight when everyone was home. My logic being that I can actually study when the house is quiet but when they all come home and start babbling on, it's more difficult, might as well do it then. My tone, was, admittedly, somewhat clipped and she asks what's wrong. I say, "I don't know if you think this is a joke or what, but I'm trying to study. I'll do it tonight when everyone is home, it's not a problem but..." And she jumps in "Oh My god! Sorry for BOTHERING you! Never mind, just leave me the recipe and I'LL do it." Insert dramatic mom voice. I say, "No, it's just..." Her, "No, forget it."

I guess the point is that this is nearly impossible to do without an ounce of support. This is the same woman who after I failed the bar exam said, "I TOLD you to go to massage therapy school." Wow, really? Thanks. That's helpful. I just wish I had like one iota of respect in all this and instead they treat ME like I'm the dumbass. So now the rest of today is gonna suck because she's gonna come home all pissy and be mad at me for saying I have to study.

But after pondering this for about twenty minutes longer than I would have liked to I was like, "Fuck. Now I should just make the cookies so she's not pissed at me but she's gonna be pissed at me ANYWAY." The real reaction is that I want to pack up my laptop and my barbri books and never come back here ever again but, well, that's not possible.

I realize that part of me was pissed because it's just that I want them to GET it. But they don't. And they never will. And I should know that by now. It's not like I don't have the time to make the cookies, I do. I mean, I'm here, screwing around on the internet. It's just that THEY don't respect my time, ya know? So it was passive aggressive of me to get mad about but point stand too, right? 

So, what, fair readers out there, would you do? 
a) Make the cookies
b) Not make the cookies, stand your ground
Reply in the comments or feel free to email me. Mercy buckets! 

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  1. I'm behind in commenting but not reading. I figure this comment is time-sensitive, so I'm skipping 10 posts to comment on this one. My instinct would be to make them because I play into the Catholic/Jewish guilt thing waaaay too much. That being said, I think doing the opposite of my instinct is probably best. Sooooo in a round-about away, I guess my vote is don't make them.

    Keep us posted!