Sunday, January 23, 2011


So. Yeah. I <3 hockey. I watched my first ever full game yesterday with the bestie. And beer. And: you're welcome, Caps fans, because my sudden fandom? You're star player who had been having a scoring dry spell suddenly has a hat trick. Wut wut. I rock. Thanks, lucky red underwear! (You know nothing about me if you think that's a joke.)

Though, I have to say: Those empty net goals at the end of the game when a team has pulled their goalie for more offense? I call total BS. It's the same as getting a garbage time TD in football. So I think that last goal by Ovi wasn't really earned, as far as my new found hockey fandom is concerned. Cuz I'm an expert, y'all.

After Chuck and I watched the awesome Caps game, (I have no comparison to know that this was not an awesome game. According to the hockey blogs I am now reading it wasn't that impressive but even I know that the rookie goalie the Caps brought in was MONEY. Oh! Further observation: the 80s rock that they blast all through every Canadian hockey arena ever (assumption)? Further evidence of why being Canadian must be AWESOME.) we got at home haircuts from Michael's friend Alfredo. He's a hair dresser and he comes and cuts Michael's hair every couple weeks. After bitching about my hair recently, and looking at the dried, damaged ends, I figured, "Fuck it, why not?" It's shorter than I would like, but, eh, whatever. It's no longer driving me nuts and it'll grow back. I just gotta keep it healthy so I can have the long gorgeous brunette hair that I imagine having. I'm not gonna bother coloring it for the foreseeable future, which I haven't not done in...years? I don't even know what my natural hair color is anymore. I know it to be a mousy brown that I can stand for about five seconds. So this should be amusing. I predict at home coloring in my future. When I can muster energy to care about it.

Oh! One of my other favorite moments, and why I think me being a new hockey fan is fair: Chuck pauses the hockey game and we have a ten minute discussion about the bowl games and the BCS championship game. 2 years ago I would venture to guess that Chuck barely cared about college football. Now? I have made a convert. Me and my Caps adoration because of him seems like good payback. 

After haircuts, went to dinner with the boys. Michael, Chuck, Alfredo and Alfredo's boyfriend Robert. Walking through the Castor on Saturday night with four guys is...amusing. All the boys got checked out. I, of course, was completely ignored. Oh well, such is life in San Francisco. We ended up at Fireside which was meh but it was cheap and I'm broke so that's fine.

After dinner, Michael, Chuck and I did my most favorite thing ever: sat around the dining room table, chatted, and drank. It was AWESOME. I sat there and thought, "Yeah. I could do this forever. That'd be fine." Chuck and I at one point even discussed going out to a bar and, ya know, engaging with other people when we decided we just really didn't care to. We had Michael's 8 kabillion song iPod turned on, listening to music, and they explained the evolution of music in the 80s to me. Because I was nine when the 80s ended. And they LOVE music, the way I love college football. Chuck air drums, Michael whisper sings, I sit there laughing, and all is right in the world.

Until I got THE most awful sinus headache ever. I thought I was gonna cry on the drive home. And it was only midnight. This is how bad I felt: I drove right past the Philly Club at midnight on a Saturday without stopping. This led to spending most of the night restless and miserable before finally popping whatever drugs I could get my hand on (excederin) and slept from 8-11.

So now I'm up. But still with a nagging headache. I watched part of the Bears/Packers game but it was realllly boring. I'd rather study. Since I did none of it yesterday. I have GOT to get my shit together. (I also walked Lake Merced yesterday, and as most of my exercise is on the nice safe padded world of the gym, my hips are in agony today.)

I also had an awesome gchat with Lindsey about hockey this morning. While we're studying, natch. Linds played hockey in high school and a little bit in college. This is by virtue of her growing up in New Hampshire. We chat generally about it when she mentions she used to know all the Caps when she lived in D.C. and bring them brownies. I am now jealous of Lindsey's life. She's also encouraging (old, uncoordinated) me to figure out where my rollerblades are and give it a go with "It's never too late!" and assurances that I'll love it. I hope I still have them somewhere...

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