Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yeah, well, yeah

I don't like having "Am I the Asshole?" be the most recent posting or people's introduction to who I am so I'm blogging again today. Hi!

I didn't make the cookies. I had a semi-epiphany that I don't even want to be taking this test, why am I bothering/driving myself crazy/I'm tired of continuously putting off adulthood? before remembering that I already paid for it and I just ain't gottin it in me to quit yet, y'all (I get folksy when I'm pumping myself up, apparently).

My mom came home and didn't talk to me, but also didn't make the cookies. Ironic because: a) I bitch at her and finally get what I wanted all along which is to be left alone to study and b) WE'RE FIGHTING ABOUT COOKIES! That's ridiculous, right? Ahhh, moms. They are special, aren't they? So yeah, she's being pissy which in her world means, "Fine! I'm not making dinner!" to which I just think, "Lolz, she really thinks I'm an idiot, doesn't she? What does she think I did at college BY MYSELF for six years?" (I should note here that our relationship, not unique to this mother/daughter set of course, is a lot more complex than has been intimated here. I didn't live with her when I was in high school, for starters.) I need to go to the store tomorrow to pick up stuff for salads though, that's for sure.

Anywho: because of all that I got more studying done today than I think I have any other day but at this point my brain is fried and I call uncle. I still, according to my MBE practice, have only the most tenuous concept of 'hearsay' so that needs to be worked on. Fucking evidence. It's my nemesis. I'm determined to beat it into submission.

Moving on from bar study, because that stuff is reserved for elsewhere: I relax myself with movie watching. I have a Netflix instant account so most evenings I'm watching a show or two (a show? I sound like my grandmother. You know what I mean). They are mostly indie romances and they mostly end up being of the 2-3 out of 5 star variety. Mostly meh. I liked Ondine a lot, a story based on Irish mythology. The movie Middle of Nowhere had the hot guy from Shameless in it and it was all filmed in Baton Rouge. I started watching and was like, "Hey! That's the house I love on the lakes!" Also, and I'm a (mostly) straight female but: Eva Amurri's boobs are a work of freaking art (which is probably why you can see them in Californication. Or so I've heard.) And I liked the Oyster Farmer but mostly because the subtitle could have been "Alex O'Loughlin takes his shirt off a lot in this and even gets naked and speaks with his Australian accent. So enjoy!" I'm a sucker for an accent and a hot guy, what can I say? If you have other indie romance suggestions, I'm listening because they're my fave.

If that preceding paragraph was boring, shake the cobwebs and PLEASE pay attention for this next part:

The other night I watched Restrepo. OMG. OOOOOMMMMGGG. I know that sounds all squee and like a fifteen year old girl but you HAVE to watch this movie. HAVE TO. It's a documentary about guys deployed for 15 months (!!!!) to the Korangal Valley in Afghanistan where they are shot at on a daily basis. It's really poignant and sad and IMPORTANT. It doesn't offer answers or solutions. These kids, and they are just kids, the Captain of the squad is only 26, are can see how broken they are from this written all over their faces. You can see how our policy kinda sucks over there. You will never feel closer to death and how awful our military action can be until you watch this movie. And if you don't have Netflix or go see this in a theatre, start here with the same production team introducing you to Sal Giunta, the recent Medal of Honor winner. When he says, "Fuck you"...yeah.

So that's the news from this corner of the world. Off to wake up early and do this all over again and a little bit better tomorrow.

Fucking evidence.

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