Saturday, January 8, 2011


I should not be awake yet. After promising moderation I got home at 3 a.m. So, yeah. And then I slept for what felt like ten minutes before being woken up by a raging headache and the need to throw up which I didn't actually want to. So I grabbed a coke from the fridge and pounded some excedrin and wouldn't ya know? Right as rain. So my moderation thing didn't really work that great. But ya know what? Screw it. I feel refreshed, actually, and ready to tackle studying because I got OUT OF THE HOUSE.

I wasn't going to go out. I woke up still feeling kinda meh yesterday. I actually canceled my planned going out. And I was sad about this. The bar was sucking out the fun of even football! How could that even be POSSIBLE in my world? So I sent out a cancel email and a text and then Beth IMed me and said, "Suck it up." And we chatted a bit. She said she'd had a shitty week and needed to go out. And I think I needed to hear that I needed to go out. So I uncanceled and met her and Cheryl over at The Brick Yard, which I had heard was an alleged LSU bar. There were a group of LSU fans and the sound was on for the game, which was nice, but we ended up sitting at one of the big communal tables and watching the game while eating. It was pretty sweet set up. We sat there until the start of the 3rd quarter when we had to give up the table for people with reservations. The one waiter was kinda cute and friendly but our waitress was like weirdly overly attentive. At first I didn't have a problem with this because FOOTBALL but Beth and Cheryl were like "How could you not?" so I cam around to their snark. There was also a girl with a hideous flower headband we mocked amongst ourselves and the overly blonde I think they had to be from like Minnesota ladies who were SHARING A STOOL. It was odd.

Anyway: LSU won. Like WON. Like we haven't had that much offense this side of ever. It was scary at first. A&M came out of the gate swinging (that doesn't really make know what I mean). But then Ryan Tannehill sort of imploded and threw at least 3 picks. Now we just need to keep our head coach and not let him go to Meeechigan. (Rumor is he's staying. I hope the rumors are true because without last second histrionics and grass eating and HAVE A GREAT DAY we got nothing [The end of that clip with Bertman laughing hysterically and the Chancellor saying 'What he said' is fanfreakingtastic].)

Watching at Brick Yard turned out to be pretty fun even if they don't have chicken wings (for shame!). Beth and Cheryl humored me. I got flirted with by an A&M fan who very much was like an SI dad type. No, literally, old enough to be my dad. The girls and I joked about it a little bit. Hey, I'll take attention where I can get it, mkay? Even if he wanted to engage me in a football conversation and then had nothing to back it up.

Speaking of dads: best text of the night comes from my dad. The band was playing at half time and Fox was showing it, though I couldn't really hear it from our seats in the restaurant part of the bar. My dad texts me "Funny enough, the LSU band came up on my iTunes genius today. I had to start it over and TURN IT UP!" He has it by virtue of our library sharing. I own all the LSU songs (of course I do) but my favorite is drum cadence. Not even a little ashamed to say it's in my workout mix and I get pumped when it comes on and I'm at the gym. Yeah, I'm a nerd.

After the game was over, we headed to, where else? Bar None. It was pretty dead in there. But also early. These young kids and their going out late!

Beth had to leave early on an errand so it ended up being just Cheryl and I. We sat at the bar for a long time, I kept getting bumped into by skinny Marina girls. I hate skinny girls. For being, ya know, skinny. It's unfair! I want to be skinny too! (I am working on this. Not the hating skinny girls thing, that's a constant but the being one thing. It's back to the gym on Monday. I don't want any more set backs to this cold, my voice is already gone today from shouting over people in a crowded ass bar so I'm getting through the weekend and going back at it on Monday.)

Oh, one weird thing happened before Beth left. We were having an in depth conversation about her ex when suddenly MY ex's friends walked in. Like friends friends. Like I'm still facebook friends with these people. I did that "I'm gonna pretend I don't see you and you're gonna pretend you don't see me and we'll just all pretend we never even knew each other" thing. They eventually left, I guess. I dunno. I don't care. I just hate being reminded of having exes, ya know? We were kinda talking about my ex too because when talking about exes this is what happens so it was all just...weird.

Anyway, Cheryl decides she wants to play beer pong. This is sort of what Bar None is known for. I hate beer pong. Mainly I hate it because I don't need to play a game to drink. And I suck at it. Like I'm REALLY bad at beer pong. It requires some natural aptitude at throwing objects into small places. I do not have such an aptitude. So I sort of scoff at this when some guy, who is odd man out in his group asks Cheryl to play. She's like, "SURE!" Ugh. We go over to the overly well lit, completely crowded beer pong area, and since it's just fucking anarchy over there with no lists and no queue and feels like a French line (for those of you that have been to France, that means there is no line), this took for fucking ever. Because we were stuck waiting for the girls who were from Minnesota who shared the stool at the other bar to play. I think they played for like 2 hours. On a single game. I was being snarktastic about this as I'd had a bit to drink. And the guy that was Cheryl's beer pong partner was like, "You're a hatttteeerrr." I'm like, no, I'm just meanly honest. There's a difference. And Cheryl's like, "That's why I love her!" Awww.

So turns out the winners of the game (which is who you are supposed to play) peace out on the game and it ends up being me and Cheryl v random guy. Who even alone beats the pants off us. And beer pong balls are flying and I drink the majority of the really awful beer pong beer because Cheryl is a lightweight and I HATE BEER PONG! She's played now. Never again.

I go to walk back out to the bar along the back way at Bar None and see my brother. Fuuuuccck. I don't want to deal with my brother. So I'm going to just sneak out the main part of the bar and pretend I was never there to avoid confrontation. Except then I see Joe and April are with him. I love Joe and April and haven't seen them since their wedding. So I go over and realize it's like all my brothers friends so Cheryl and I end up hanging out with them for a bit. Past closing. (There was a weird dude interaction in there too for Cheryl but skipping over that...) Then suddenly everyone leaves. It was all couples and Doug's friend Charlie who they just up and abandon. I'm like, WTF? So I end up taking Charlie. Who has a penchant for strip clubs. I'm like, "Fuck it. I'll go. What else do I have to do?" But we go to the Gold Club, which apparently closes, and not Hustler, which doesn't close so I get out of going to a strip club which is probably a good thing and just drop Charlie off at home.

And then I came home. Wheee!

Now: I'm going on the wagon until after the bar. Even though not hungover today, I'd rather lose lots and lots of weight and alcohol does not help in this endeavor. And there are some other behaviors that need to be stopped because I'm not invincible and I know it and my mom already scolded me today. So. We're going off the hooch 'til the end of February. This'll be good, right? Yeah. It will.

Now to just survive 8 months without football. The hardest time of the year.

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