Sunday, April 10, 2011


I am uber cranky today. So just a whole bunch of me screeching after the jump. And no, do not look for rational logic in the below that I normally possess.

Things currently annoying me:

1. Calling baseball torture. It's a flipping GAME. And when it's close, it's actually exciting, not torturous. Losing by 4 is more annoying than coming close. Sometimes you'll win those close ones, sometimes you'll lose them. I'd rather be close than get blown out daily. And its disrespectful to real torture. Like, people in war zones. I know that sounds all PC police of me, I try not to be. But people seriously think being a Giants fan is torture. I suppose I should deal with people using it jokingly, but the people that are saying it seriously? Guh. I want to actually torture them and see how they feel about being able to afford going to Giants games as compared to real torture.

2. I haven't been to a Giants game yet. The downside of winning a WS is being priced out of tickets. All these bandwagon hoppers drive prices up. And the Giants have fun market pricing to begin with. And I realize that it's a huge boon to the team, the economy, the city. I would never not want to win a WS. But I'd like to have gone to a game opening weekend but since I am a broke ass masters holder, I couldn't. I had a pleasant Saturday evening with my dad and Angela, but I still would have liked to be at the ring ceremony game. And that ending. Geezus. Awesome. NOT torture. I'm looking forward to midweek day game baseball against the Pirates when I can enjoy the game. Stupid being broke.

3. My brother is homeboys with Brian Wilson. Like actual has his cell phone number friends. At this current moment, for reasons I can't even explain, that annoys the piss out of me. *I* want to be friends with Brian Wilson. I am way wittier than my brother. More interesting. Not that anyone gives me any credit for this. I'm just his sister. "Oh, it's D's sister!" He's uber popular. Like stupid amount of people know him. My truth tellingness and general sarcasticness, and a lack of need to be needed the way he needs to be popular means I don't have the entourage that he has. And it took until only a year ago to realize I was happier with my close group of friends than I would be with 800 acquaintances, but still: I want to hang with athletes! (And no, not date. You should all know at this point there is only one I want to date and he ain't playing for the Giants.) Stupid brother.

4. MEN! WHY YA GOTTA BE ASSHOLES?!? So, and I HATE golf (which is a whole 'nother long story but to sum up: have 2 main ex's. Both love golf. Thus, I hate it), apparently according to a flooded timeline, the Masters was this weekend. A couple (most?) of the golfers have hot WAGs that were panned to by the cameras during the end. And all these men were all "Ohhhh! She be FINE! Show her more! Show her more!" You can practically hear "fap fap fap" through the computer screen. The just ridiculous objectification of women is making me stabby. Stabby stabby stabby. I think women should start talking like this more. "OH! Look at his abs. Dayyyum! Pan on down, cameraman!" Not care about your intellect or where you came from, just whether you're hot or not. And then wonder how such a plain girl ($) got you, which was the SECOND comment on twitter. Only person I saw in my timeline to make a comment against this behavior? I'll let you take a guess. (Pick the sometimes oftentimes more sensitive than me 21 year old and you win.) Stupid men.

6. I struggle with this objectification thing because part of me wants to be objectified. I want to be pretty! It's the in. With men it just IS. I partly hate that, I partly have no idea how to change that. I've been working my ass off trying to get down to a weight I find acceptable. And realizing what a goddamn struggle it is. This week I gave up soda and am trying to stay as far away from potatoes and bread as I possibly can. (This last one I'm not making an absolute just because potatoes are my weakness. Some people it's sweets, me it's starchy deliciousness.) I haven't had a drink in two weeks and am staying away from alcohol. Partly for clarity and a whole bunch of reasons I went through earlier. Partly because omg empty calories. As the least patient person in the world, I wish the weight would just magically disappear. On the other hand I sort of like the hard work and seeing the results, however tiny they are. But it's frustrating and a processssssssss. Stupid genetics that make me not thin.

7. I hate Abita Strawberry. I do. It tastes not unlike Boone's Strawberry Hill in my opinion. It's what teens drink when they still don't like the taste of beer because all they are drinking is crap beer. The joke when we drank it last March in Louisiana was that it was child molester beer. "Get in my van, little girl, I have strawberry soda!" That all these grown ass, allegedly manly men on my twitter obsess about it is so silly. You wouldn't fawn over Natty Lite, would you? No. Then don't the Abita Strawberry. It's thisclose to the girly girl Belgian raspberry beer I occasionally drink. You all are pussies. (Related: closed twitter for the night. Too much stupid.) Stupid...stupid.

That's it, I've run out of rage. Sometimes the mere act of typing it out helps.

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