Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

Alright, I changed my mind. After many a discussions about the problems with a monarchy, the expense of spending money on a giant state wedding, the problems with blowing a wedding this out of proportion, I have changed my position. The Royal Wedding? Kinda awesome.

I say all this as the kind of girl who doesn't generally plan weddings in her head, who never wanted a prince to come rescue me because I'll rescue my own damn self, thanks. But even I'm susceptible to the Disney princess thing. I grew up in that generation. Before I was a sports fanatic and all around badass (shut up), I spent many a days playing with Barbies and dressing in frilly dresses as a princess almost every Halloween. I've watched My Fair Lady too many times and my adoration of horse racing made my desire to go to the Ascot Ball high.

I love London. It's so...British! I adore high tea. No, seriously, if I could do it every day if I were fancy. I wanted to make these scones (and will eventually). My mother and I have a mild obsession with things that sparkle and if you've ever seen the crown jewels in the tower of London, those things are sparkly.

When we were in London, we visited Buckingham Palace, which had the main dining room set up for a state dinner, pictures of the Queen hosting dignitaries where we counted 3 different tiaras. (We like tiaras.) I also visited the stables because, ya know, along with baubles I like horses. Which had the carriage that they left from the Abbey on display. It's impressive.

Now: could you imagine if we tried to pull this off in the states? There would be protests. People would be angry. And there may have been a faction of that in the UK but we certainly didn't hear about it. The whole country celebrated this event in amazing fashion. There's a state religion so broadcasting a church event is totally okay. Boy do the Brits do pomp and circumstance well. The red tunics on the military with the swords and all the ribbons. I want one of those uniforms! (Yes, I realize I'm female. Whatevs.) Westminster Abbey is fantastic, Buckingham Palace is fantastic. It's all just...fantastic!

I'm no sartorial expert I thought her dress was gooorrrggeeeoouuss. And Prince Harry? Mischievous red head? So up my alley. The family seemed like they were having fun and it was all very happy and joyous. While I don't think this is the greatest love story ever, it's still a very wonderful ceremony.

Finally, the Queen of England reminds me so much of my own grandmother it's ridiculous. Demure women with tight white coifs. They were contemporaries. My grandmother passed away at age 87 in 2009, the queen turned 85 this year. They were both shaped by WWII, what brought my grandmother to SF as she joined the coast guard, what brought the queen to the fore of England where she was trained as a mechanic. Granted, my grandmother was not the queen of England (though did have British lineage, her mother was a Liverpudlian), but just their demeanor seems SO similar. My grandmother totally would have worn that yellow outfit that the queen wore today. And my grandfather would have been a bit like Prince Philip, I have no doubt. There's a shot of him saying something to Harry on the balcony and them laughing. Yep. That totally would have been my grandfather. So I think this reminds me a lot of my grandparents.

So yeah. Cynical me? Eh, marriage, whatever. Monarchy, bleh. The little girl in me? OMG JEWELS AND DRESSES AND FANCY PEOPLE AND HATS!

I'm just gonna enjoy this for what it is.

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