Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's Friday! Friday!

To prove that I am hip, I am titling this after the Rebecca Black song. I am, of course, not at all hip. Though I was an early adopter of the "She's not awful" attitude, I would like to say.

This is made even less hip by the fact that it's now actually Saturday, but, ya know, Friday night. Whatever.

And what am I doing this fine Friday night? Researching more than I would like about the University of Florida, something that makes me cringe (not really. Anymore at least). I dipped peanut butter in chocolate chips. Oh please, like you haven't done it before. Don't judge me. I needed something sweet. And without leaving the house that's the best I could come up with. Which is actually the fault of The Hairpin. Or suggestion of, at the very least. I watched The Princess Bride and am now watching My Fair Lady. I'd say something about being a crazy cat lady but I don't like/am allergic to cats. I am however currently boxed in a tiny part of the couch with the 90 lb pit practically on top of me on one side and the alien faced boxer dog on the other. So ya know, crazy dog lady it is a solid possibility.

There hasn't been much to report. I've been at the beach house for a week and it has been fantastic. I walk to the produce store, pick up stuff to cook, make myself salads, take long walks on the beach (in a totally non-cliche way).  It's fairly wonderful. I'm avoiding going back to my house, to my mother's frustration I am sure, as much as possible. Dad even said I should just move in. Sigh. If my parents didn't have the kind of divorce where that would be taken as a complete affront by my mother, I would. Other than a weird meeting with that uncle every family pretends it doesn't have today, that is.

Baseball season started, which I could wax poetic on but won't because others are doing a better job of it than I could. I also am being forced to stay away from the news, the more NCAA investigations that drop and the hyperbole that follows and stabbing at baseball games and on Ocean Beach when I'm walking down there are all more than a little much. I'm not an overly sensitive type but for cripes sake people, can't we get along?!

So I'm going to go back to watching My Fair Lady and to completely relating to Henry Higgins elitism and then being appalled at his treatment of Eliza and his utter cluelessness at male/female relationships.

"All I want is a room somewhere..." It's my theme song lately.

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