Thursday, April 14, 2011

Heaven and Setbacks

I went to the Giants game last night with Dad and Angela. I didn't go to Momo's, as per custom. I went to Pete's Tavern so I could watch a bit of the Caps game. 15 freaking TVs in Pete's and the Caps game was only on one. Pretty sure I was the only one watching. And we went into the game early so I didn't see the 3rd period. But that's cool. Thanks to Twitter it's not hard to keep up on the action and go "GOOD SASHA SCORE OT GOAL!" (Alex Semin does ridiculously boneheaded stuff and is often Bad Sasha. Then he scores gorgeous OT goals and is Good Sasha. Cuz I'm an expert now, y'all.)

The game was awesome. Hhheeaveen, even. It was exciting and back and forth and fantastic pitching and we had good seats on the promenade level. There didn't seem to be a lot of Dodgers fans there and the fact that no one was jerky, at all, and we had a really good time makes me excited to go to more games, and gets rid of some of the hesitant feelings I had.

The only minor problem was the four people a couple rows in front of us who don't know to only get up during breaks in the action and to sit down immediately once you get to your seat. We can't see over you! But they ended up being fine because after Lilly did his third pitch out with Huff on first, I yelled, "COME ON! Stop it with the pitch out! Huff's NOT gonna steal!" Guy in Huff jersey, part of the group of four, turned around and said, "I know, right?! He's my brother and *I* know he's not gonna steal." I don't know if it was really his brother but that was pretty funny. Truth is, after the next pitch it was a full count with two outs and the hit and run was on, so there was steal potential. Huff still wasn't gonna get far enough off the bag to get the cheap out though. Oh, and for all of Huff's flailing in right field this year, which has been painful to watch, he had a gorgeous catch in foul territory in the early innings. It was a really really fantastic game. Complete with warning to both benches after Lilly plunked Posey a second time. Related: I'm disappointed Buster doesn't go up to a Busta Rhymes song. I feel he should. (I've also decided for no particular reason that Busta is my favorite rapper. As if rap and the opinion of a 30 year old white girl (please don't make me use woman) matters.) So: game = awesome. Wait: amended on Posey. As I was typing, Andy sent me this. I think that should be Posey's walk out music.

I sort of gave up on being "good" yesterday, eating healthy blah blah blah. I did do OnDemand yoga in the morning though, so that's something. I am not flipping bendy. But I'm working on it. My hamstrings have always been incredibly tight, even when I had a trainer stretching them once a week. Since I no longer have a trainer they are way worse so it was good to begin loosening those up again. I woke up to a bag full of donuts from my mother and just figured, "Ahhh, screw it. Free day!" Her and I are playing a psychological warfare game. It's kinda awesome. I make her rice krispy treats and cookies, which she half yells at me for because I don't actually eat any of them and she does. So then she bought me donuts. Mother daughter relationships are special, y'all. So I ate two donuts. Then nothing else. 'Til right before the game when I ate a buffalo chicken salad because I knew a hot dog and garlic fries weren't gonna cut it, though I did eat that too. And I drank beer at the game, first time in three weeks consuming any discernible amount of alcohol. I was buzzed and fuzzy but not stupid drunk. And I then when I got home I felt soooo ill. Beer and garlic fries and a polish are not my thing anymore, apparently. So I feel like I ate a weeks worth of calories in one sitting yesterday. But I won't let this be a permanent setback. Back on the horse today.

About the alcohol: I used the fuzzy warm feelings as an excuse to check my stupid online dating account. That was dumb. I just wanted to delete messages, but they led to conversations and inappropriate bullshit comments from guys. There's a big long diatribe I could go into about my current mental state/issues with boys/myself blah blah blah but not currently in the mood to vomit that all over the internet so to sum up: I'm really happy being single. And I don't mean that in a "She doth protest too much" way where all your married/couple friends roll their eyes and go "Yeah right!" because who could POSSIBLY be happy alone. I really mean it. I'm finally holding out for someone I actually enjoy spending time with. I know, right? And until some guy can sit in a bar and watch a sporting event with me while engaging in witty banter, I'm cool on my own. Currently, not to sound all crazy dog person, but using the 35# dog as a pillow is a favorite past time. Like I am now.

Alright, I got a day packed of gym going, room cleaning, and football writing. Whee!

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