Sunday, April 24, 2011


Oh hey! Remember last week or whenever when I was all, "Look how cranky I am!"? Yeah. That. Again.

I'm sick. Sick sick. Nasty cold flu thing that has been hanging around for a week. And I'm tired of it. I went to Walgreens yesterday and bought like EVERYTHING and just decided I was taking it all until this thing was gone. On top of that my mother remains less than sympathetic, the world doesn't stop turning with stuff to do, and I'd very much like my gym going back, thanks. So, current bothers. Click only if you want to hear what a grown ass adult sounds like when they whine:

I got cut to the quick with backhanded insults a couple times last night. That was less than enjoyable. When your physical defenses are down, your mental ones are too and the snappy comeback wasn't available and I'm feeling a little more fragile than I might otherwise. I'm generally thick skinned and give as good as I get but right now? I just need a freaking hug. So insults, intentional or not, were slightly jarring. I'm just gonna bury myself in my cocoon of a snuggie on the couch and watch hockey until I feel better. Excuse me for choosing not to engage right now. (I have targeted tomorrow to feel better. Taking a mind over matter, screw you illness, approach. Done.)

I have to go to fancy Easter brunch (which is really lunch) and I don't want to. My mother thinks I am somehow malingering when it's clear that when I talk I have no voice and that I keep, ya know, coughing. So I'm now going out of spite. Except that it still means putting on actual clothes, which I'm not sure how I feel about that.

There's also nothing like being sick to make you hate being single. Everyone should know by now I'm totally fine on my own. But when you're sick and you just want someone to pick you up some soup and lay on the couch with you while you watch movies? Yeah. Not having that kinda sucks.

I got involved in an argument between friends and probably said more than I should have in regards to it. I need to remember it's their deal, listen to both sides, and then keep my mouth shut. I don't agree or disagree with either of them. I just really do see both sides and see the huge miscommunication gap but trying to explain that didn't go well last night so they can pick their own battles from now on. Remind me of this later.

But hey! The Caps made it to the next round of the Stanley Cup playoffs so I get more hockey! I'm going to watch this Ovi goal over and over and over again.

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