Saturday, April 30, 2011


That last post was ATROCIOUS writing. Hey, sometimes even I have off days. Lots of them. In a row. My apologies. I'd take it down but that's cheating so instead I'll just acknowledge it. It was about the royal wedding, its not like any of you care anyway. I just hate to leave that as the last impression.

In completely unrelated news: last night. Sigh. Last night. No details because I am incredibly superstitious and if I talk about it, I jinx it and the whole thing goes sideways. Yeah. I'm insane. I acknowledge this.

That tiny detail that I won't be talking about aside: so much fun. Hangover to prove it. In N Out burger receipt to combat the hangover to prove it.

Went to Pete's Tavern to watch the Capitols game, where I sat by myself until Cheryl showed up. 45 minutes as a female alone in a bar is always a bit daunting. But I survived. Helped that it's not like the place was packed. Caps lost, which sucked, but catching up with Cheryl was fun. The Caps loss also meant I got a text from Chuck that was just a string of expletives and that was sort of flipping adorable. I was at Pete's because there was an all conference mixer going on at the same place so after watching the game and mocking the mixer from a distance for awhile, I saw LSU people I know show up and made my way over. I didn't really mix, so much as make snarky comments about the others with LSU people. So: ya know, same as always. I did talk to an obnoxiously drunk South Carolina alum, try my best and fail to flirt with a ridiculously young and adorable Florida alum. It could have been more successful but I didn't feel all that comfortable just talking to random SEC people (I don't do the networking thing well). Plus Cheryl, and now Lex, were on the other side of the bar so I kept chatting with them too.

After the SEC thing winded down and I was with just Lex and Cheryl, we caught up. I did later go over and talk to a girl in a Caps jersey for a bit about the loss, she was very cool. Except she was with these guys that I had pegged as being Vandy alums. I was right, they were. (Florida alum had told me that apparently Vandy alums won't hang out with the regular SEC folks, which I had about figured. They do stuff with the private southern colleges (Tulane, Emory, Furman, etc) so don't mingle with us state school folks. These guys proved my fear of jerky Vandy alums. Which is unfortunate because I once had a boss I really liked who was a Vandy guy.)

Lex departed and Cheryl and I had further conversations with guys sitting around us. One was sort of loud but insisted on buying us shots, which, how can you refuse? There were more conversations with boy strangers but nothing really engaging. Since I'd been at Pete's since 4 p.m., it was now 10:30 and mostly dead because there was no baseball game going on around it, we decided to leave.

Prudence would tell you to go home. Prudence sucks. We decided we'd hit up North Star a) because I can park easily around the corner and b) for the express purpose of stalking my bar exam crush who we know works there sometimes. (Issues, I haz 'em.) It was all in good natured fun though, I'm not really stalking anyone. We walk into North Star and it's packed. And the bartender? The same girl that had been helping bartending at Pete's. SF: smallest big city EVER.

Cheryl and I made our way to the back by the less crowded pool table and sat down but then these REALLY drunk guys decided to play pool in incredibly crowded bar and that just seemed like a bad idea/was annoying to watch drunk guys play pool badly, so I decided we should go mingle. I musta been in that fuzzy place where I seek out conversation with others. The great thing about Cheryl is that she is an excellent wing-person. She's usually game for whatever hair brained half scheme I have going on.

At this point we find a mostly empty spot near the bar, Cheryl grabs a seat, I stay standing, I make, to her, a comment about the guy in the sideways, off his head UConn hat next to her, which prompts me to apologize to the guy on the other side of her who I am sure overheard me being snarky.


That's where we leave it. For now. So as not to jinx. Because I'm insane.

I'm currently safely ensconced in the beach house, house sitting for the next week while Dad and Angela are in NYC. Tomorrow I hope to not feel so hungover and be able to enjoy this gorgeous, breeze free beach weather.

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