Monday, February 14, 2011

Anne Rice Just Won Valentine's Day

Yes, another vampire post. No, you don't have to read it. This is quick anyway (well, maybe, this is me).

As mentioned, in high school I worshiped at the altar of Anne Rice and her moody vampires. These novels may or may not have played some part in my romanticizing New Orleans and eventual move to the state of Louisiana.

But then she got all into religion, of which I am not really a huge fan, and her vampires got dull and I grew up so I stopped reading her novels. (I never read the witch novels. I tried reading the first one, got confused about who was doing what even though I liked that it was set in both San Francisco and New Orleans, and moved on to something else, I'm sure.)

Anyway, awhile ago I discovered she was on Twitter so out of high school nostalgia, I started following her. A lot of her tweets are long and link, mostly incorrectly, to her facebook so I don't bother with them. However, before going to sleep tonight, I hit up the twitter and saw that she had said, "My Valentine's Day Fantasy. I would love to see a movie of The Vampire Lestat starring Richard Armitage as Lestat,..." with a link.

The Vampire Lestat is the second vampire novel and I definitely liked it when I read it. Lestat's all rock star god, bad-boy vampire. I clicked the link.

I read the rest of Rice's post and realized, she's kind of a randy old lady:

My Valentine's Day Fantasy. I would love to see a movie of The Vampire Lestat starring Richard Armitage as Lestat, Matt Bomer as Louis, Matthew Macfayden as Marius, Cher as Gabrielle, Simon Woods as Armand, and DIRECTED BY GENIUS KENNETH BRANAGH. As what a fantasy. Happy Valentine's Day, People.

Damn, Anne! I don't know if I could have, with my ridiculous boy TV watching habits as they are, cast that better myself. I would put pictures of all those people in here because it would be delicious but I'll spare you (and me) that. Matt Bomer all tortured as Louis? Sigghh. Have you seen Armitage's blue eyes? Yeah, those would work. I don't know about Woods playing a French vampire but I'd be happy to see it and find out.

I love that she cast Cher. Like, "Hi, gay segment of vampire fans!" (Her son is gay and I've read one of his novels, too. It was good but really twisted.) And come on, Cher COULD be a vampire. She hasn't aged in forever.

So far that's the best Valentine's Day related thing I've seen so far. Though, it is late at night, so...

As for me? I'm celebrating Happy 3 days 'til going to my first ever hockey game Day!

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