Thursday, February 3, 2011


Yeah. So. I'm slightly obsessed. And I love learning about it. Things I've learned so far:

1. I had a conversation with Andy the other night, a question I'd been meaning to ask but kept forgetting. Sean Avery plays for the Rangers. I know, from other stuff I've read even before this new found fandom, that he's a fighter. Or "agitator", as they say. But I also know he has a reputation as kind of just an all around jerk. So I finally ask Andy, "Oh! Sean Avery? Universally considered the biggest dick in hockey?"Andy's reply? A simple, "God, yes."

Now that I took a look at his Wiki page and realize that he's my age and born in early April it makes sense. I have an incredibly jerky cousin born at that exact same time. (Making correlations that aren't therrrreeeee.)

2. Marc-Andre Fleury's nickname is flower, which makes sense because of his last name but is SO adorable I just can't stand it. It makes me think of Bambi. "Flower, you're in the cage." HOW CUTE IS THAT?! It doesn't hurt that he has an awesome smile and isn't bad looking either.

3. Speaking of him: tonight there was a goalie fight in the Pens/Islanders. It was almost the end of the game and Fleury actually wasn't goaltending but, from what I can gather, goalie fights are rare (obviously, they stay at opposing ends of the rink the whole game), so when this happened it was a big deal. And even knowing as little as I do about hockey, I still found the whole thing fantastically hysterical. The fight is SO funny. Islander's goalie got hit once and fell down. And when Johnson, the Pens alternate goalie, skates off and Fleury is just laughing it is further adorableness.

4. The fighting. I LOVE the fighting. I know we're not supposed to say that. We're supposed to love peace, love, happiness, and hugging trees. Or whatever. I doubt me saying I like the fighting is all that surprising. I also happen to like violent war movies, so, ya know... When the fans go crazy and cheer the fights I'm like, "FUCK YEAH!" And the hard hits are awesome. Especially cuz they're on ice and you can make people slide all over the place. These guys are also hard core. You get smashed in the jaw and bust a couple teeth? Better spit 'em out and keep playing. Do that, football players. Pansies.

5. Hockey's got fun scandals too! Carrie Underwood is married to Mike Fisher. Hilary Duff is married to Mike Comrie. But as I was looking up players and doing some investigating on the internet I stumbled upon this tidbit about legendary goalie Martin Brodeur: he divorced his wife and married her brother's wife. (Is that still he married his sister-in-law? I'm not good with these married connections.) Scandalous! That must make for some awkward holidays. Brother and sister dealing with their exes who are married to each other. Fun times!

All that said, if any of you awesome internet types have a hook-up for the Sharks/Caps game coming up I would LOVE to (nicely) exploit you for it. Because I am broke and hockey tickets are expensive and I'm a princess and would still like good seats. So yeah. Lemme know, internet.

Oh, and because I am officially old and thus technologically challenged, thank you, Andy, for helping me, ahem, procure the 24/7 HBO Caps/Pens so I can watch it on a continuous loop.

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