Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Things we think when we study part deux

My bangs are an unmanageable mess because I was studying in the backyard earlier. I was wearing a visor. Like a lesbian lady golfer. (Redundancy) (Stereotypes) (Can we hashtag everywhere now? Is that allowable?)

The beach house remains forever my most absolutely favoritest place on the planet. It is made for solo dance parties with its open floor plan. And it has a giant pit bull. Who woke me up at 4 a.m. wanting to go outside, I know not why. He also cracked me up hysterically last night because I couldn't see him on the couch. Giant baby had somehow managed to wrap himself UNDER the blanket that's used to keep him not ON the couch and was struggling to get out from underneath it when I called him. Sooo cute.

I am eating fancy cheese (Lindsey: "I love fancy cheese!" Andy: "I don't care about your fancy cheese.") and salami on a sliced baguette. Add the Perrier I'm drinking and I feel decidedly French today. If only I was in the jardin du luxembourg... Sigh...(First world prooobllemmsssss)

I keep hitting certain phrases in my law study that they strike certain songs in my head. So here they are!

1. Currently I'm doing agency and I keep coming across "best interests". Best interests of the corporation...best interests of the director. As soon as I see "best interest" I get Suicidal Tendencies stuck in my head. "My best interests?! MY BEST INTERESTS!? How do you know what my best interests are?!" (Ah, I listened to this song a lot in high school. Catholic school, man, what can I say?)

2. When writing out rule statements, for sake of simplicity and because my special problems in civil procedure professor taught me to do this, I write, "The Rule Is..." This immediately makes me think of Chiddy Bang's Opposite of Adults where there is a line that says, "The rule is...the dude is...so up so chuck I'm a cool kid..."

3. Not really a song but: Sometimes I start answering things wrong in a row, or grip my pen with that death grip I have and I think "He's holding on too tight. He's lost his edge!" This is a line from Top Gun. (I can't find it on the youtubes. You should have the whole movie memorized anyway if we are any kind of friends.)

4. Dammit. There was another one but I can't remember it right now. Like how I can't remember anything about devising real property. At all. Ever.

*All quotes are likely paraphrased to how I remember them.

Andy IMed me "Here's your 'What would you do' of the day..." before even waiting for the scenario I respond "Drink heavily". Cracking myself up over here. But actually? I haven't had a drop of alcohol in a month and I kinda sorta love the clarity. I also haven't really left the house in that time either so reserve the right to change my mind. However, the control level is something I think I like for the long term and I would like to start having fun and being bold and ridiculous without also needing a heavy dose of liquid courage. That feels like a really grown up statement but, ya know, I guess I kinda am? (Guh.)

Also: I was just flipping through Equire and I seriously have not laughed out loud so hard at anything in awhile. Interviewer is talking to Scott Caan so you have to do this all in his voice. And he's asking him about how he can combine tortured artist with that he's doing a hugely popular, not all that complicated TV show now. Scott Caan at some point says, "Ya know, living in a one bedroom..." Interviewer says, "No offense, but have you ever had to live in a one-bedroom?" This is, after all, James Caan's son. And that's not even the part that made me laugh! It went like this:
Esquire: They do seem to have the fomula down: throw you guys in a weird situation, something crazy happens, and then your partner says, "Book 'im, Danno." 
Scott: Simplify it some more so I can jump out a window.
I'm just imagining this in his voice, all exasperated and annoyed and it is HYSTERICAL. I have also decided that when the time comes Scott Caan can play Brian Wilson in a movie about the '10 Giants.
Let's compare, shall we?
BRIAN WILSON (not the Beach Boy)
Scott Caan
I think that's close enough to count. Though, Bweezy could also do his own damn acting. 

And these are the random things we think when we are studying. Off to do more of it. Because the difference between an agency, a partnership, and a corporation is apparently REALLY important. *finger gun to head*

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