Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My dad is...

awesomer than your dad. He just is. I mean, the man carries a gun for a living and is a total pot head. He thinks having 4 bottles of wine in the house for the weekend isn't enough. He taught me about baseball. He recently called the chief of police, his boss, a "media whore" in a print publication.

Today he sent me the following email:

Hola mi daughter-o!

So, it is now February - the month of your whatever. Yes, I said whatever. I don't have the words or insight or wisdom to get you through this month successfully. I only know that you are my daughter, that I love you, and that I really want this to happen for you. I'd love to tough love you and tell you to knuckle down but that's not my style - telling you OR knuckling down. I can only promise to send everything that I have your way to get you through this. Let me know if you need anything.


He included the following image:

For reference: I love the hell out of Calvin and Hobbes. This makes me want to pull out the complete edition I have hiding in my closet. And the other day I was pondering those stupid family stick figure stickers people put on their cars and was thinking it would be awesome to put a Calvin peeing sticker above one. So this comic is kinda perfect. 

Anyway, my dad is awesome. 

In response I'm thinking of writing, "I need tickets to the Caps/Sharks game on the 17th and a butt ton (actual measurement) of good chocolate. And chicken wings. Thanks." 

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