Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sanity: Tenuous (in a good way?)

RANDOM THOUGHTS! (And yeah, so much for the stepping away from the blogging. Since I'm not interacting with, ya know, real live human beings, I figure this is my entitled to it default position.)

1. I told two friends this ridiculous thing I've been thinking lately (sorry, not divulging what exactly...though it shouldn't be that hard to figure out. Or: choose from any of the various ridiculous things you know I think) and got two very different responses. And by ridiculous I mean bordering on betraying a slight disconnect with reality. (Does realizing your behavior has no connection with reality mean it can't actually be insane? Isn't knowing you're insane a sign you aren't insane? I feel like there's gotta be a rule about this.) Lindsey giggled with me and said whatever gets ya through the day, it's good to have goals. Lindsey and I virtually giggle together a lot. And then give each other "JUST DO IT!" speeches. Linds is certifiably awesome. She sings the Liz Lemon night cheese song out loud. She has similar goals to me, despite me being a cancer and her being a leo. She has red, curly hair that I wish I could steal from her head and wear. In a non-creepy way.

The other friend wasn't as amused. But he gets a pass because he recently did the most awesome thing EVER and more guys should take similar actions. Secret wish: a guy wakes me up with the pebbles at the window thing to tell me how awesome I am. Likelihood of happening? Juuusst this side of never. Sigh. Though, same friend now loses because he just told me "good luck" when I said I wished to win parenthetical aside of the day. I mean, does anyone use more of them than me? ONE of them has to be clever enough at some point.

Stepsister wins for saying to something else entirely, "HA when has a guy having a girlfriend ever really been a problem- or ya know- one that we can't handle!? lol" She's so cute. I miss her. She needs to come visit.

2. My mood is vastly improved by heading to the beach house. Though, I'm hungry and the Great Highway half way between Sloat and Lincoln isn't exactly the best place to get food with little to no effort. I am further not helped in this matter by having no idea what exactly it is I want. But I'm out of dark chocolate now and this is a problem we can't have. Will have to leave the safety of here at some point.

3. I watch Justified. Because it's fucking awesome. I like moral ambiguity. As Alan Sepinwall, TV critic said about the season premiere, That's a lot to squeeze into 40-plus minutes, but it all works comfortably together, along with more of Raylan's ongoing struggle to find ways not to kill people - not so much because he thinks it's wrong, but because the events of last season convinced him that it's a giant hassle most of the time.

Mostly after I watch, I walk around the house saying, "Raaayylllaannnn" all drawled out like I live in BFE Kentucky and imagine it's a great place. Even though they show us crime, film in L.A., from what I know of KY it's awful and my former stepmom's whole family resides there. (I actually have been through Kentucky once. A trip from Ohio to Louisiana with a former boyfriend. Spent the night outside Louisville. The parts of the state I saw I thought were fairly pretty.) 

Last night, the introduction of this season's big bad character scared the beejesus out of me enough that I went to bed thinking, "Yeah. I'm glad I didn't follow through on that note I left at 8 years old that Emily and I were running away to Kentucky to train horses." And the thought that at 8 years old, without any idea of where Kentucky was, I was dead set on moving there with my best friend to train horses made me laugh hysterically. Being a little kid is kinda awesome. My mom still has the note, btw. 

Despite big bad fictional character, running away to Kentucky to train horses sounds sort of epic right now. I might have to reconsider that one...

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